WWE: Clash of the Wilds Slot Review

Are you a fan of WWE? Are you familiar with all the big names and can't seem to get enough of the wrestlers, their matches, and the drama? If so, why not add some gaming into the mix with online slots that are perfect for WWE fans? The newly released WWE: Clash of the Wilds from All41 Studios provides you with the perfect mix of action and excitement, just like the WWE. Here we take a look at what makes this a must-play game.

What Players Can Expect

While the WWE theme may be what makes you give the game a go, without some impressive stats, it won't keep your attention for long. For those who like a high-volatility offering, this one could be right up your alley.

It's got an RTP that ranges from 86.79% to 96.13% and a hit frequency of 31.13%. The minimum/maximum bet is $0.20/$25 and players can win up to 10,000 times the stake - not too shabby at all. The grid is a traditional 5x3 format with 40 pay lines. This keeps things tight and easy to follow, and the screen doesn't get too busy.

How the Theming Plays Out

Curious as to how the theming plays out in the game? It's one thing to say it's WWE-related, but the developer needs to go all in and add those special touches for it to be a success. In the case of WWE: Clash of the Wilds, this is achieved with flying colors. Players will never be confused or feel like the developer dropped the ball and gave up on the theme.

You'll see many of the biggest stars on the board including Roman Reigns, John Cena, Bianca Belair, and Charlotte Flair. To make the game feel unique, each of these wrestlers has a free spin feature that is tied to their image on the board. The developer realized it’s more than just pasting popular wrestlers on the grid; they need to also deliver in terms of excitement and potential to increase your winnings. If you land a regular win that is made up of five symbols with any of the fighters, you'll get five times the bet.

The Special Features Don’t End There

And that’s not it, as there are more special features to discover in WWE: Clash of the Wilds. The main features are the Free Spins Ladder Match, Free Spins, Wild Symbol, and the Bonus Buy. Watch for the Wild that can show up at any time on any of the reels. This feature alone will keep you on your toes and build anticipation. The Wild can pay 2.5 or 10 times the bet, but it comes down to the win line.

The Bonus Buy is perfect for those who aren't having much luck where free spins are concerned and don't want to wait to trigger them. Instead, you have the option to purchase free spins of Roman, Charlotte, or John. Bianca free spins can also be purchased, but they are a bit more.

A Fun Take on an Exciting Theme

So, if you’re into WWE, or you’re just looking for a new slot game to check out, WWE: Clash of the Wilds can be the perfect option.

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