Wild Wild Romance Slot Review

Imagine stepping into a world where vampires and everything you know about the wild west collided and combined? That is exactly what you'll get when you check out the new Wild Wild Romance online slots. Released in early June from the developer Aurum Signature Studios, the game promises to offer a little something for everyone whether you're new to online slots or consider yourself somewhat of an expert. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s causing all the buzz.

Gaming Stats That Are Appealing to All Levels

To prove just how universally pleasing Wild Wild Romance is, it's important to review the stats. Here you'll find the traditional five reels and three rows, which provide 243 pay lines. That's plenty to keep even the most seasoned players intrigued and entertained. The game has a volatility rating of high and a hit frequency of 31.21%. The RTP ranges from 89.98% to 96.80%, which adds another element of challenge and fun.

The minimum bet is $0.30 and the maximum is $19.50. Players have a chance to win a maximum of 12,150 times their stake.

But What About the Theming?

Going back to the whole vampires and wild west colliding, yes, it’s a rather unique theme, and that’s what helps Wild Wild Romance to stand out and be memorable. With so many online slots available, players are looking for unique experiences and this game delivers.

Here's something that may come as a surprise to you if you don't play a lot of online slots or haven't yet fallen down the rabbit hole of the theme, wild west vampires is a very popular sub-genre. Even with that said, Wild Wild Romance still manages to feel different and exciting.

The symbols on the screen give off that typical wild west theme, as do the background images. But there's more to the game than what's visible at first.

Features That Will Impress All Levels of Gamers

Also worth a mention are the special features in the game. These are what help the game to feel challenging and exciting, as they can drastically increase your winnings in mere moments. There are several ways to win free spins, which will be awarded as 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. Within those free spins are also the chance to land on multipliers, which can significantly increase the pot. The Wild Tumble Feature awards players with 15 free spins and you can get a multiplier of up to six times if you're lucky.

While this may not sound like many features, the fact is that these free spins can pop up at any time and the bonus within the bonus is the multipliers.

Give It a Go and See for Yourself

Whether you’re new to the world of online slots or you just want to shake things up, try a new game and a new genre, the Wild Wild Romance slots are well worth checking out. While the volatility may be high, the chance to hit it big could be yours, especially with so many free spin opportunities.

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