Wild Marlin: Big Game Fishing Slot Review

If you don't feel like digging out all your fishing gear and then lugging it to the lake all to try to get a big catch, then you may want to check out the new Wild Marlin: Big Game Fishing online slots. Thanks to this option you can go fishing any time you like regardless of the season, as Marlins can always be found - along with lots of other marine creatures. Here’s a look at some of the standout features in this new fishing-themed slots game.

It's Time to Cast Your Fishing Rod and Test Your Luck

Do you think you've got what it takes to be an exceptional fisher? No, we don't mean on the water. Instead, you can become a "pro" at home with the Wild Marlin: Big Game Fishing slots. This new offering from Infinity Dragon Studios does a great job with the theme and graphics, making it feel closer to a video game than a slot game. Everything is sleek, professional, and streamlined so you know you’ll have a fabulous experience.

The way the screen is laid out is especially fun as your character appears on the top of the screen in a boat holding a fishing rod with the line hanging in the water. The underwater scene is the game board where you’ll find the reels and rows.

Exploring the Many Special Features

And what's a fishing expedition without surprises? That's what the special features provide, as they can increase your winnings, extend gameplay and make the game that much more engaging. The symbols are meant to reflect the creatures you see in the sea and those that relate to fishing and boating. You need to match them up to win, but you can then take those winnings to the next level if you engage a special feature.

Features include the scatter symbol, wild symbol, epic strike feature, epic strike symbol, free spins and bank'em wilds. As you can see by that list, there is no shortage of features, so players won’t feel like they are impossible to hit.

How About the Gaming Statistics - Do They Favor Players?

You may also be curious if the gaming statistics favor players because let’s face it, you’re playing in hopes of winning. The good news is that some standard stats should leave you impressed and ready to go all in.

The game is made up of five reels and three rows with 10 pay lines. While that may not sound like a lot of pay lines, that is exactly the point - it makes the game simple and sleek which is part of its allure. The volatility is medium, which isn't always easy to find, and it has an RTP of 96.86%. The minimum/maximum bet is set at $0.20/$100 and you can win a maximum of 1,440x the stake.

It Can Be More Than a Casual Game

What is interesting about Wild Marlin: Big Game Fishing is that on the surface it looks like a great casual game, but once you launch it, check out the graphics, start exploring the features and hopefully score some wins, this one can quickly move away from being just another casual offering and something of a favorite instead.

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