Wild Link Frenzy Online Slot Review

Do you like online slots that are fast-paced, full of action, and have plenty of bells and whistles? Are you looking for something new to play that is high-energy and offers incredible chances to win? If you’ve answered yes to these questions you’re going to want to check out the newly released Wild Link Frenzy online slots from Spinplay Games. This one is not only full of fun features but it's got a medium-high volatility rating, which makes it feel unique, hitting that sweet spot for so many players.

Check out all the highlights that Wild Link Frenzy offers.

These Statistics Will Grab Your Attention

Let’s get started with what is arguably the most important thing to players, and that’s the gaming stats. If they aren’t impressive and they don’t lean in favor of players, chances are you’re not going to be interested. Not to worry, Wild Link Frenzy posts some very player-friendly stats.

As mentioned, this one has a medium-high volatility rating, an RTP of 96.43%, a minimum bet of $0.20, and a maximum of $50. Here's where things get very interesting. The game features a maximum payout of up to $250,000. The paylines are also intriguing from a player's standpoint as there are 20-50 lines, which keeps things high-energy at all times.

Special Features and Graphics Round Out the Offering

No game is complete without a list of special features, and again, Wild Link Frenzy lives up to its name. The free spins are really important here as they can also amount to additional free spins. This increases your gameplay, which can then increase your odds of winning.

The Wild Link feature will be one you watch for and is found in the base game. This is triggered by landing on a Wild symbol and then additional rows are added just above the reels. Spins can then result in prizes that appear as symbols.

Finally, we've got the pick game, which is randomly triggered when you land on the Wild Link or prize symbol. To win the prize simply match up three symbols.

Chalk It Up to Another Hit for Spinplay Games

Unless you're brand new to online casino games, then you've probably come across some offerings from Spinplay Games. Other top games from the developer include Dragon's Cache, Amazing Link Fates, Amazing Link Bounty, Amazing Link Poseidon, Diamond Discovery, and Almighty Aztec to name a few. It feels like this developer is always in the know when it comes to what’s trending, what’s new, and what players are looking for.

It’s clear from the moment you launch Wild Link Frenzy that Spinplay Games has taken everything it has learned and is experienced with, and packaged it into another hit offering that resonates with players.

Don’t Be Surprised By How Engaging This One Is

One thing is for certain with Wild Link Frenzy and that’s the fact it is very engaging. Its high-paced energy is enough to keep you playing for long periods and there’s no chance of getting bored.

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