Wheel of Winners Slot Review

It's time for a new offering in the classic fruit-themed category. Wheel Winners is a relatively new slot machine that has been developed by Intouch Games and takes everything you know and love in the fruit-themed genre and adds another layer of fun to it. Where this game shines is in the modern touches and features that are peppered throughout the game, helping it to stand out as a winner. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a closer look at everything Wheel of Winners has going for it.

Let's Start with the Basics

Just like with any slot machine, the basic stats help decide whether it is a winner or a loser. In terms of Wheel Winners, everything works in its favor. The game has an RTP of 94.15% and features the typical 5x3 layout. You've got just 15 betways, which makes it easy to follow. The minimum bet is $0.15, and the maximum is $75. This alone is unusual as not many games offer that much variance in terms of the min and max bet. As for the maximum you could win here, it's 2000 times the stake.

Where Things Get Exciting

If you want to know where things get exciting in the Wheel of Winners game, it's the chance of possibly landing on the progressive Mega Jackpot. If you're the type of player that seeks out games with this feature, you're in luck. This is triggered when playing a base game and you land on five Jackpot symbols. The symbols can appear in any space on the board. If you hit the elusive Mega Jackpot, the winnings will be at least $100,000.

The features don't end there, however. Other features include the Bonus symbols and Bonus Wheel, Wild, Scatters, Level Up and Free Spins. Each one of these will increase your winnings and potentially your playtime.

How About the Theming?

Let’s face it, even with the most exciting bonus features the theme still needs to be fun and engaging for players to check it out. While we all know it’s important not to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that a first impression can make or break your impression of a game.

In terms of the first impression that Wheel of Winners makes, it’s a positive one. As mentioned, this is a classic fruit-themed slot, which feels familiar and fun. It’s the definition of a Las Vegas slot machine. There’s no storyline, high-tech graphics, or animations, nor is there anything confusing to try to understand. In that sense, it’s approachable for any skill level.

It’s also notable how many bright colors are used, almost neon colors, which do a great job of grabbing your eyes and making you look twice.

A great way to describe the Wheel of Winners online slots is that it’s a standard but not a basic offering. Sure, there’s nothing cutting-edge and new here, but that doesn’t make it basic or boring – quite the opposite is true.

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