Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette Review

Calling all fans of Vinnie Jones, how would you like to enjoy a roulette game with him acting as the dealer? Yes, the notorious tough guy who played as a professional footballer and then moved on to acting - typically appearing in thug and tough guy roles. Real Dealer Studios has recognized his allure and his exciting image and propelled him to a different type of stardom in its online casinos. Now you can see what the fuss is all about with Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette. If Jones isn’t enough of an incentive, the classic casino game of roulette probably is.

Let’s break down all the finer features of Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette.

A Star and a Gaming Company Come Together

It's the kind of pairing that you don't necessarily predict or imagine happening, but once it does, they seem perfect for each other. That's the case with Vinnie Jones and Real Dealer Studios who are capitalizing on his iconic attitude, voice, and mannerisms to use in their games. It keeps its online offerings authentic, exciting, and fresh so that they stand out from the others.

Real Dealer Studios is known in the industry for designing games that feel more like a movie than a standard online casino. They feature RNG gameplay and exceptional cinematography. You're treated to a one-to-one player experience, which is even better than the real thing. The setting feels like a luxury casino and you're at the high rollers’ table being treated like a VIP guest.

The interactions feel realistic and fun with Jones, so you start to forget you’re playing online rather than in the casino itself. Some players have even commented that the game blurs the lines between what is Hollywood movie like and what's an online game.

Checking Out the Important Stats

Sure, the cinematography is great, and Jones is the ultimate dealer, but how about the stats? Players still want to think the odds are in their favor and that they have a chance to win big. The game has medium volatility, an RTP of 97.30%, a minimum bet of just $0.25, and a maximum of $1,000. In terms of the big winnings, you can win up to $64,500. With a jackpot like that, it feels even more high-stakes and realistic.

An unexpected feature in the game relates to its title. Since this is called "Vinnie Jones Roulette Stories", players are treated to fun stories from the actor at each round. So, not only are you having fun in the game, but you also walk away learning a bit more about Jones.

Special Features Can Amp Up the Fun

To take the fun to the next level, special features have been packed in. These include such things as special bets, racetrack bets, and the autoplay feature - which is more about convenience than anything else. It should also be mentioned that Rachael Bower takes the place of the croupier.

Want More Fun with Vinnie Jones?

Now perhaps you play Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, and it instantly becomes a new favorite, and now you want more options with him. Be sure to check out the other titles he stars in from Real Dealer Studios, including the newly released Vinnie Jones Blackjack. Also exciting is the fact that he has more games coming in 2023 so you've got something to look forward to.

Check Out What the Buzz Is About

If you’ve been hearing the buzz about Real Dealer Studios and more specifically Vinnie Jones, then you need to check out the Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette for a great time and a chance to win big. Just don’t be surprised if you find you want to go back and check out his previous releases too.

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