Vinnie Jones Blackjack Review

When it comes to popular table games at the casino, blackjack always tends to be near the top of the list. Even if you've never sat down at one of the tables in the casino, chances are you're familiar with the game and may even know all the rules. So, how about bringing all the thrills and excitement of blackjack to your desktop computer rather than having to visit the casino? That's exactly what the newly released Vinnie Jones Blackjack from Real Dealer Studios offers.

Real Dealer Studios has made a name for itself in the industry delivering authentic and realistic games such as Real Baccarat with Courtney, Real Roulette with Sarati, Real Roulette with Caroline, and Vinnie Jones Roulette. Let’s take a look at all the features and pros that Vinnie Jones Blackjack provides.

A Great Option for Newbies

While slot machines aren't usually intimidating, there is something about table games that can make players feel a bit more nervous, out of their element, and in over their heads. That's not the case with Vinnie Jones Blackjack which is perfect even for newbies. The volatility is very low, which is exactly what beginners want.

Examining the other stats, it has an RTP of 99.51% a minimum bet of $1.00 to keep things approachable, and a maximum bet of a whopping $1,000. This means even the high-rollers can have fun. Players have a chance of winning up to $29,250.

For those players who aren't familiar with Vinnie Jones, he is known as an ex-football star who then became a Hollywood actor. He's got a strong, tough-guy personality which makes him perfect as the dealer. You’re going to need nerves of steel to go up against him. But as you start playing you'll also realize that he can dish out compliments and encouragement when warranted.

You'll Need a Better Hand Than Vinnie

The object of the game is really simple, you need a better hand than Vinnie if you want to win. The closest person to 21 without going over is the winner. Of course, it's always easier said than done as any blackjack fan will tell you. All the important stats can be found on the left-hand side of the screen, also along the bottom. Stats are kept small and out of the way so the emphasis is on the table and the deal.

It Wouldn’t Be a Real Dealer Studios Game without Special Features

Just as you may expect, Vinnie Jones Blackjack wouldn’t be a Real Dealer Studios game without a handful of special features and bonuses that make the game unique. You’re not going to find features like these at the casino, which is what helps make this option so fun.

Standout features include:

  • Splits Hands
  • 6 Card Charlie
  • Insurance
  • Double Down
  • 21+3 Side Bets

While each of these adds to the enjoyment level of the game, it's the 21+3 side bets that are especially noteworthy. You can place this side bet as you place your initial bet. This one hinges on the first two cards you get from the dealer and the dealer's face-up card. To win the side bet, those three cards need to form three of a kind, a straight, flush, straight flush, or a suited triple. Should this happen, the biggest win you'll take home is 100 times your stake.

The more you play and become familiar with blackjack, the clearer it will be why this game is so iconic to so many. It’s a classic that never seems to fade and now you can enjoy it at home any time you like.

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