Village People Macho Moves Slot Review

The name of this game says it all; you can tell that Village People Macho Moves is a slots game that offer endless fun, plenty of cash prizes to win, and some tunes to keep you spinning – both on the dance floor and on the slots game. The Village People Macho Moves slots is also fairly new, with the official release scheduled for later this year.

Still, Village People Macho Moves is a unique game that offers a pleasant user experience and plenty of opportunities to score a big win. Aside from the fun theme of this game, Village People Macho Moves also offers some extra challenges to keep your online slots adventure exciting.

Village People Macho Moves Features

Let’s start with how the game is set up, shall we? Village People Macho Moves online slots is a 6-reel, 15-payline game. Yes, you read that correctly. 6 reels give you more opportunities to score wilds and scatters, but they also mean you need to be more meticulous with how you manage your bankroll if you want to win the grand jackpot.

The game itself is a Microgaming slots game, but it is created by Fortune Factory Studios. That’s where the unique reel-payline combination came from. Don’t worry, because Village People Macho Moves is designed to be both affordable and challenging. You can play this game with as little as $0.20 per coin and still pursue big cash prizes along the way.

The Village People theme is everywhere, but not in a bad way. You see 6 village people on top of the reels, along with sparkly symbols and a jukebox to keep the party going. The VP Wild symbol offers a unique twist to the gameplay, but we will get to that in a second.

For now, we need to talk about the different characters and how they affect the game. The Construction Worker gives you multipliers of up to 20x, while the Cowboy allows you to get more wild symbols. Can you see how each character affects the game?

Village People Macho Moves Gameplay

The twists brought by each of the Village People makes Village People Macho Moves incredibly fun. Not only will you be facing new challenges with every spin, you also gain more opportunities to win free spins, cash prizes, and other rewards.

You even get a relatively high payout rate for a game this exciting. All you need to do is decide whether you want to pursue frequent wins – at smaller amounts – or you would rather go for one big payout at the end of a fun online slots session. The choice is yours to make.

When to Expect Village People Macho Moves

As mentioned before, Village People Macho Moves was recently announced, but it will not be available on Microgaming’s platform until later this year. September 2019 – specifically during the iGaming event in London this year – is the date to mark if you are excited about playing with the Village People and winning plenty of cash prizes along the way.

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