Vegas Golden Bells Slot Review

If you love a good and classic Vegas-style slot game, then you're in luck as Gold Coin Studios has an exciting new release to check out. While there are plenty of new games with all the bells and whistles meant to keep people entertained, there is still very much a place for these more classic offerings. They tend to create nostalgia in players and that’s hard to compete with. So, let’s look closer at Vegas Golden Bells and what it has to offer.

A Solid Offering in Terms of Stats

Many gamers choose which slots to play based on the statistics. What's the RTP, the volatility, the hit frequency, and so forth? With so many slots to choose from, this is a great way to narrow down the options and choose games that match up with your betting style and your version of fun and excitement.

If you're into high volatility games that present you with a challenge, Vegas Golden Bells delivers. The RTP is 96.03% while the volatility is rated as high. There are 25 pay lines with a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum of $25. As for the maximum win available, players can hit it big and win up to $100,000 if luck is on their side.

The Special Features Add Another Element of Fun

Game developers fully understand how important the special features are to players, and typically pack games full of them. Vegas Golden Bells is no exception in this sense, giving players interesting and fun features that can increase their gameplay and their winnings.

The most exciting features are the unlimited multiplier and unlimited free spins. You can just imagine what these unlimited opportunities can mean for players and certainly makes it worth delving into. If players manage to land the bonus symbols on specific reels - 1, 3, and five - then they will automatically be awarded eight free spins.

From there they can extend playtime with the multiplier that happens on each of the free spins. There is even an opportunity to get an extra spin for each time the coin symbol shows up on the reels. This can trigger another multiplier. Then there is the Wheel feature. Should you land on the symbols needed to trigger this one, you'll be able to play the spinning wheel. It offers prizes for up to 4,000 times your stake.

With so many bonus and special features, it helps to make the game immersive, and each round will feel fresh and play out differently.

The Game Relies on a Classic Theme

As mentioned, this game relies on a classic Las Vegas theme, which tends to do well with players. The theme has a sense of familiarity about it that can be welcoming for players, especially newbies. And while there is nothing state-of-the-art here in terms of graphics and animations, the theme is still done very well.

If you want to enjoy the thrills and excitement of Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home, Vegas Golden Bells should be a must-play.

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