Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia

There’s no need to head out and find the nearest casino just to experience the sleekest more engaging blackjack game thanks to the new online hit Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia. This is yet another fabulous offering from famed-developer Real Dealer Studios which excels at providing players with realistic and authentic online gaming experiences. Their goal is to make online offerings that play out and feel just as high-energy as the in-person game would be.

Here’s a look at all the details for Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia.

The Classic Card Game You Know and Love

While there are plenty of great features that Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia has going for it, the fact that it's the classic game of blackjack that you know and loves sits high on the list.

Developers can often fall into the trap of trying to create something new, fresh, and modern taking things a little too far and not staying authentic to the game. Real Dealer Studios has done a great job of staying true to blackjack while sprinkling in some fun and immersive features in a more moderate manner. As its name implies, Olivia is the dealer at this table and she's ready to deliver some exciting card-playing action.

Real Dealer Studios is well known for creating authentic online card games with real dealer features. Check out other options like Real Roulette with Bailey, Real Baccarat with Courtney, and Real Roulette with Holly if you want even more of these options.

How the Stats Stack Up

And any seasoned blackjack player will be curious to hear about the stats in Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia, which won't disappoint. The RTP is an incredibly high 99.51% making the volatility very low. The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum is $1,000. Players can win a maximum of $30,750.

Other notable features in the game include the ability to play split hands, 21+ side bets, you can double down, Six Card Charlie, and more. All of this help to make it feel more authentic and amp up the excitement level.

New to Blackjack – Is the Game Right for You?

So what about those players who may be new to blackjack in general, is this game meant for them? Because Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia has such a low volatility rating, it can be the perfect introduction to the game. Things will proceed at your pace, you’re in control of your bet, and you can take the time to learn as you go.

And because you're playing in an online environment, there isn't the stress that a brick-and-mortar casino can cause when you're sitting at the table. If you are a newbie, it can be worth your time to read up on common tips and strategies in advance so you feel more confident when it's time to place your bet.

Give It a Go

Blackjack is one of the most classic and popular games at the casino and the same can be said for online casinos. Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia is the perfect way for you to enjoy this classic game at home any time you want.

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