Turbo Auto Roulette Review

In what is roughly just two decades, online roulette games have turned roulette into a pocket casino game, accessible to everyone. Developed by Real Deal Studios and published by Microgaming, Turbo Auto Roulette aims to take this popularity even further by adding speed to the mix. Have they done enough to make it stand out from the rest of the roulette games though? Let us find out.

Speed: Faster Roulette is Equal to Better Roulette?

As long as you have played a few roulette games online yourself, you should be familiar with the fact that getting through a few rounds of roulette can take quite some time. That is not necessarily a con mind you, but it can prove to be an annoying obstacle when you are looking to get a few quick games in.

Turbo Auto Roulette understands and addresses that problem by allowing players to get in several, shorter, automated (as set by the player) rounds of online roulette within a very short span of time. Given that it's still roulette but you can play at a much faster pace than before, we would have to say that yes, in the case of Turbo Auto Roulette, faster is indeed better.

Graphics and Animations: Fast and Luminous!

There are a few other versions of fast roulette games available online too, but none of them are anything like Microgaming’s Turbo Auto roulette. What makes this 2022 title truly stand out is the graphics, effects and animations which add volumes to the whole online casino experience. Whereas almost every other turbo roulette game looks and plays like a 2D game from the early 2000s, Turbo Auto Roulette simulates all visuals in state-of-the-art smooth 3D animation at the backdrop of glorious neon lights.

The game makes it look like the casino is a scene that’s set in a cyberpunk movie. As it happens, the Real Deal team actually rendered the animations from the physics of a real-life roulette wheel in action! For those that know Real Deal Studio and their previous work which they have also done for Microgaming, the graphical excellence will not come as a surprise. Real Auto Roulette and Multifire Auto Roulette certainly had different settings than what we are seeing in Turbo Auto Roulette, but all three roulette games do share a noticeable similarity in the way that the developers have added a cinematic scope to their turbo roulette games.

Gameplay: European or American?

We were happy to see that Turbo Auto Roulette has adopted the European roulette wheel for their latest title. European roulette wheels have just one zero which keeps the house edge limited to 2.7%, while American roulette wheels with their two zeroes almost double the house edge by increasing it to 5.26%. In addition to programmable auto play and turbo speed, you should be able to place the unique Microgaming Special Bets and Racetrack Bets on each round. All stats will always be present on-screen to help you keep track of your roulette strategies in real time.

Is Turbo Auto Roulette Worth Playing?

Real Deal Studio and Microgaming have released yet another roulette game together that’s not just fast; it looks, feels, and even sounds better than any other turbo roulette online game you have likely played yet. Keep in mind that it is a game of roulette after all, so practice your strategies beforehand and make it count.

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