Tropical Wilds Slot Review

Tropical Wilds is one of the latest offerings from Microgaming. It is an exclusive online casino slots game, and it packs quite a wallop. Although the tropical setting is far too common in casino games, the medium variance slot adds a few unique elements in both theme and game design to keep the experience fresh.

Theme and Story

What makes Tropical Wilds unique in theme and setting is its background story, as well as the visuals and sound effects which bring the island to life, in the most literal sense! Your goal in Tropical Wilds is to find and liberate the 5 great Tiki powers hidden inside a magical box. If you are able to find the box and release the five elemental Tiki powers, then the island itself will awaken and celebrate the occasion by partying all night with one of the Tikis! In the middle of the ritualistic celebrations though, the island will also be revealing its hidden treasures to that one chosen Tiki, so that they can bring good fortune to the clan.

Paylines, Wilds and Scatters

Tropical Wilds has 25 fixed paylines and just as the name suggests, a lot of the in-game mechanics are centered around its wilds and scatters. The initial total bet is, therefore, always decided by multiplying your chosen bet amount with 25. This means that if you place a bet of $1/bet, the total amount staked will automatically be $25.

The magical mystery box which contains the five powers acts as the first and only available scatter symbol during the initial phase of the game. There are four different wilds in the game, and each can turn out to be extremely profitable for players, since these can be multiplied, interconnected and chained together with Wild Tornado Spins for massive payouts.

Wild Free Spins

If a player lands 3 Wild Free Spin symbols on its reels, the island wakes up and joins in on the festivities. Post awakening of the island, any 1 out of the 4 remaining Tropical Wilds (scatters) will be selected by the living landmass to partake in the rituals, aka the 8 Wild Free Spins. On each of those 8 Wild Free Spins, the player will always receive the chosen wild symbols, allowing for the interconnecting and multiplying feature Tropical Wilds to come into play.


As one would expect from a modern Microgaming casino slot, we can enjoy playing Tropical Wilds from any modern Android smartphone/tablet, iPhone/iPad or Windows powered PC/tablet/hybrid, without any compromises between the versions. As long as you have a device that can run a net browser smoothly, playing Tropical Wilds should not be a problem.

Ease of Access

It might take a few spins to get used to the feel of the game, but Microgaming casinos usually offer bonus spins on joining anyway. Use a few of those free bonus spins to try out Tropical Wilds and get used to how everything works in-game. It should be noted that Tropical Wilds will always display a player’s bet, total stake and winning amount in credit. To make understanding the payline winning combinations easier, the game will highlight all lined up winning combos.

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