Treasures of Lion City

Lion City was a prominent economic and political center in Eastern China around 2000 years ago. In the 1950s, the government had to create a large dam to provide power for the local population. Doing so required flooding an entire valley to create a lake. When this happened, Lion City was completed drowned under 130 feet of water.

So, while you may not be able to explore the Atlantis of the East today, you can take a dive into Treasures of Lion City and discover the riches that await. Two Fu dogs flank the rocky reels, which are surrounded by calm and clear waters under a dark cavern; elements that all come together to make a pleasing visual experience.

Speaking of reels, there are 25 active lines in a 5x3 format here. The maximum payout is set to 2600x the total stake, which translates to a reasonable $130,000. Features such as wilds and multipliers help make this possible, the latter of which goes up to 27x in the base game. One major downside is the Return to Player, which is a paltry 94.2 percent.

Betting and Gameplay

Bringing Treasures of Lion City’s 25 lines into action can be done for as little as $0.25 per spin. Of course, you’ll be inclined to spend more if you’re seeking a bigger payout, in which case you can set each line to a maximum of $2 for a total of $50.

Treasures of Lion City is a medium volatility game. You won’t experience too many high-risk, high-reward games or too many that are low-risk and low-reward, but rather a balance of both. As we touched on earlier, the Return to Player is relatively low, though most people will likely find the features sufficient justification to still give the game a try.


While fairly short, the list of features in Treasures of Lion City do a great job at making the game more exciting. The wild, which is characterized by a golden lion, can appear on any of the five reels. When it does, prizes of up to 20x your stake are possible. It can also be useful as a replacement symbol, especially since it contributes to all types of combinations.

There’s also the Rolling Reels feature. When you have a winning combination, the Rolling Reels work to replace certain symbols that were part of it. This has the potential to lead to additional cascades, which keep improving the gameplay as they first turn into high value wild symbols, before adding multipliers of between 3x and 27x your win.

Theme and Design

The intricate, cartoon-style artwork and unique theme give Treasures of Lion City a fresh and interesting feel. Each symbol is carefully drawn and the visual effects are extremely satisfying, making landing a win even more enjoyable. Overall, the game tends to do a decent job at making up for any mechanical shortfalls by having a great design.

The only major downside here is the Return to Player. However, given the fresh gameplay, maximum payout and presence of special features, there’s still some potential for big winnings with Treasures of Lion City.

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