Timelines Slot Review

Feel like traveling back in time in your quest to enjoy some online gaming? The new Timelines online slots can help you do just that, as this is a time-traveling adventure that puts fun and chance in your hands. The game manages to bring together standard online slot features with some unexpected twists that are packaged in a rather bright and eye-catching game board. Let’s peel back the layers of Timelines and highlight all the best parts of this new game.

Enter Into the Endless Dark-Blue Space

The first thing you'll notice when you launch Timelines is the outer space theme, which is depicted in the dark-blue surroundings. It's almost got a serene cosmic vibe about it. But then you start looking around and realize the reels feature all kinds of brightly colored symbols that almost pop off the screen, and suddenly you start to appreciate the whole package.

What's especially noteworthy is the fact that the gameboard or the reels don't take up the full screen. Instead, it is situated in the bottom two-thirds with the rest of the space dedicated to your balance, statistics, settings and even a place where the last five spins are displayed. All in all, it’s a sleek futuristic offering that does a great job at attracting players.

Gaming Stats That Make Players Happy

If you're the type that picks your online games based on the stats then you'll be pleased with these. They are the kind of universal numbers that offer something for everyone.

Timelines, which is from the developer Northernlights Gaming, features five reels and three rows, giving players 243 pay lines. Its volatility is medium, which can be hard to find in terms of online game options. There is a hit frequency of 29.94% and the RTP ranges from 86.81% to 96.17%.

Just as you would expect, there is a minimum and maximum bet but not to worry as there is plenty of wiggle room in between. The minimum is $0.10 and the maximum is $25. It should also be noted that the maximum win is an impressive 9,500 times your stake.

While the statistics may be described as typical and standard, they shouldn’t be read as boring. Instead, it makes the game more appealing to all levels of players. It’s the sweet spot that most developers are hoping to achieve.

Elevate the Level of Fun with the Slot Features

If you're looking to amp up the amount of fun you have playing Timelines, just stick around long enough to land on or engage one of the special features. The game features a timeline symbol, multipliers, diamond symbol, scatters, free spins and epic strike. Knowing that you could land on any one of hese features at any time is what helps to make the game feel more exciting. In terms of the best special feature, that would be the epic strike which can win you 4,000 times the bet.

If you’re looking for an engaging new game to play this summer, you won’t want to sleep on this one. Timelines manage to pack a lot of fun into this offering.

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