Tiki Vikings™ Review

The Microgaming operators are back again with another online slot game ready to storm the internet gaming crowd. Tiki Vikings™ is a new slot machine designed exclusively by JFTW, with Microgaming bringing it to online casinos. Tiki Vikings™ is a story of the Atlantic warrior Vikings combined with a Tiki Pacific region style, to bring something that shouldn’t usually work together, but totally does.

Features of Tiki Vikings™

The main features of this new game are its 5x3 reel combined with 20 paylines to test your luck. As the theme of this slot game is a little different, so are some of its features. Many of the options available on Tiki Vikings™ are not what you typically expect from an online slot machine.

One of the features that make this game different to the rest is the meter, which is there to earn symbol upgrades. Once you have filled the meter, the feature will be triggered. It unlocks any locked symbols from re-spins, which causes them to be worth more.

If you get any winning combination which involves the high symbols (the game’s logo or a Viking Warrior), you will trigger the Symbol Lock Re-Spin. These triggering symbols will be locked into place, whilst a re-spin occurs. This gives you the opportunity to get even more symbols on the paylines to win bigger; when this fails to happen your re-spin period will end.


As for the gameplay, the story of this game is interesting if you want something a little different to the norm. The slot game follows the Viking warriors who end up discovering the Pacific region and exploring an island. On the reels, you will find several of the Viking warriors, each with flowers in their hair. The Tiki Royals have welcomed their new arrivals, and these can also be found on the game reels. The gameplay is certainly eye-catching, and this is what will bring a lot of new players to the scene.

As for actual betting, you can put as little as $0.10 or as much as $250, making Tiki Vikings™ a game for all players. There can be 20 active paylines at any one time. The game’s logo will trigger the jackpot, which will combine five symbols. This will provide you with 15x the total stake bet. The best reward that Tiki Vikings™ offers is 300x the original stake, which is $75,000. This means hitting this jackpot is a lot tougher, but this should increase the amount you get paid in the game. Tiki Vikings™ is a medium volatility machine but with its extra features and the ability to play with as little as $0.10 per line, it’s a great game for those low-risk players.

When to Expect Tiki Vikings™

Tiki Vikings™ is coming to a screen near you in August 2019. There will also be a mobile version of the game available, meaning those who are often on the move can enjoy the Viking warrior’s story on their handheld device.

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