Ticket to Riches Slot Review

Imagine you could access a plane ticket that takes you straight to winning and riches. That is the whole premise behind the newly released Ticket to Riches online slots game from popular developer Northern Lights Gaming. Northern Lights Gaming has delivered all kinds of great games that began with Rocky's Gold. From there they have continued to release hits like All-Star Knockout Ultra Gamble, Golden Stallion, 4 Corners of Rome, Rock the Cash Bar, Aztec Falls, God of Fire, Electric Wilds and Blast Off just to name a few.

So does Ticket to Riches have what it takes to propel to the top of the developer’s must-play list? Let’s take a closer look so we can decide.

Hop Aboard Your Flight to Riches

Now that you've secured your ticket to fly, it's time to take a look at the statistics and determine just how friendly these skies are. In Ticket to Riches players will find a standard grid of five reels and three rows but unlike many other games, there is no shortage of paylines. You have 243 paylines available to you, which translates to a lot of ways to win.

The RTP is 96.05% and the hit frequency is 23.25%. In terms of volatility, this one is rated medium. Players will need to wager at least $0.10 per bet with a maximum of $40. The maximum win is 5,000 times the stake.

If you've never given a medium volatility game a try, now is a great time. Players often complain that these can get a bit "frustrating", but keep in mind they tend to offer a balanced spread and no shortage of bonus features. Both of these factors make up for the volatility rating, so it's worth giving them a second glance.

Graphics and Animations That Compliment the Theme

What Northern Lights Gaming has done well with Ticket to Riches is managed to build upon a theme and stay consistent. All too often developers only seem to go halfway with the graphics and animations, which means the game falls flat. That's not the case here, as the background image looks like you are riding inside an old-school propeller-style plane.

The symbols all reflect the theme and include such ones as the pilot, the propeller, luggage, a headset, and more. It’s all very fun, and it’s clear the developer paid attention to even the smallest details. It helps the game feel immersive and exciting.

Plenty of Special Features to Ensure Players Stay Engaged

As mentioned above, even though this is a medium volatility game it doesn't mean things are boring, quite the opposite. There are many different special features and they tend to pop up fairly often. You'll love the multiplier, collect symbols, pick bonuses, and the riches features. No matter which you land on, they will either increase your winnings or provide you with free spins.

No matter how you look at it, a flight on Ticket to Riches is well worth taking and this could become a new favorite slot for you.

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