The Vault

Are you looking for something new and exciting in the online slots world? Looking for that perfect way to fill up time at home that is both engaging and challenging? If so, you may want to check out the brand new offering called The Vault, which will have you attempting the greatest jewel heist of all times all in an online slot environment. The theming in this game is impeccable, which helps to make it all the more exciting and engaging, something that players are always on the lookout with online slot machines.

Step into a Paris Noir Scene

With The Vault, you'll be stepping into the very dark and intriguing setting of "Pairs Noir". It's all about luxury, opulence, and mystery here. You will be playing as Jewel, who is a burglar with one goal - to break into the vault and steal the goods. The vault, of course, is protected by some of the highest security out there including alarms and sophisticated laser beams.

This one is meant for all you action-seekers that like to infuse some challenge into your online playing experience. Described as high-volatility this one is no cake-walk. It's action from start to finish and you can bet it's not an easy win at The Vault.

Standout features of course include the setting, which is highlighted with the symbols on the game and the 3D art that really transports you to Paris. Brought to players by Snowborn, there has been a very obvious move to appeal to players that don't want the standard slot machine experience.

With that said, the rules and the gameplay are kept simple and sleek so there is no learning curve. Sure, it's high-volatility, but the rules themselves are simple to understand. As with so many highly volatile games, the bonus game has a high, yet balanced, return for players.

The bonus game offers progressive action, and that is highlighted by the excitement that tends to build at the same time. As soon as the alarm goes off, smoke starts to fill the screen, helicopters arrive, and then the police rush in; you know the game is ending.

As an interesting side note, the theme itself is anything but random. It is inspired by the Lisbeth Salander character in the popular Stieg Larsson trilogy.

What About the Gameplay Specifics?

As for the gameplay specifics, this five reel, 20 line game features a number of them. Take advantage of such features as free spins, autoplay, bonus rounds, holds, scatters, wilds, and instant play. You'll need five bonus scatters in order to open up the vault bonus, and the third reel will turn wild in order to give you some rather massive winnings.

This one excels in terms of action from start to finish, feeling more like a video game at times thanks to the incredible theming and exciting gameplay.

See What All the Fuss is About

So, if it’s intrigue, action, and adventure you’re after, The Vault is a winner. It checks off all those boxes and then some, all while providing you with the opportunity to win big.

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