The Bounty Slot Review

The Bounty by Snowborn Games brings a wild west themed jackpot slot to fans of casino games and the American cowboy theme. With 15 fixed paylines and a chance to win the Big Bounty Jackpot, let’s take a closer look at this Microgaming casino-exclusive, and see whether this is indeed a bounty worth chasing.

Theme and Story

The Bounty backdrop is set in the small, western town of Ghost Canyon, one of the many border towns along the railway tracks. News has traveled to this small town that a group of nasty bandits are about to raid Ghost Canyon. Immediate action is necessary to stop them in time of course, so, in order to enforce the law in a fashion which was extremely common back in the days of the wild west, the Marshall has put forth a bounty on each of the 5 bandits’ heads. This is not an uncommon theme of course, but excellent western-themed soundtracks and modern animations blend The Bounty’s characters, setting and story beautifully with the underlying slot game mechanics.

Bets, Wins and Gameplay

The Bounty is rated at medium–high variance, which means that players are likely to win smaller jackpots more frequently in comparison to winning the biggest bounties.

All 15 paylines are fixed in the game, making it mandatory that the player’s total staked amount must be equal to their chosen amount per bet x 15. Good to see that not only are all wins from each payline added to the total won amount, but also, only the highest winning hits are selected from each payline (in case there are multiple).

A very helpful paytable is available at all times, giving players easy access to information regarding the winning combos, as well as how much they can win by landing those displayed combinations. The Bounty’s Win-Field feature makes it particularly easy to track what the player is winning per round, as all wins from every spin in each round are first added to the Win-Field in real time. After the round is over, the won amounts are added to the player’s total bounty.

Bonus Rounds

There are two bonuses in The Bounty, which are:

  1. The Ambush Bonus
  2. The Bounty Jackpot Bonus

Ambush Bonus – The Ambush Bonus awards Ambush Bonus Free Spins, which are not capped. This indicates that once you are into the Ambush Bonus round, there is no upper limit on how many times the free spins and multipliers can be triggered. If the player is lucky enough, they could end up winning all 5 jackpots with the help of the Ambush Bonus rounds.

The Bounty Jackpot Bonus – It is possible to win as many as 5 jackpots in just one The Bounty Jackpot Bonus round. To get a better understanding of how this bonus works, check the following:

  • You must collect enough outlaw posters (jackpot posters) in order to unlock the jackpots associated with each of the 5 different outlaws
  • To put an outlaw behind the bars and collect the specific bounty (jackpot) on their head, you must land enough of that particular outlaw’s posters on the reels
  • If you get one or more golden outlaw posters and land a match with it, the associated jackpot on that outlaw will be doubled

Overall, The Bounty is a brand-new Microgaming casino slot that players should certainly be checking out. Although it is technically possible to put all 5 outlaws behind the bars in one round, even landing 2 or 3 of them in jail could result in huge payouts. This is the main reason why The Bounty comes highly recommended for every slot player who can access it, but the classic western setting with modern graphics and animation makes the whole experience quite enjoyable.

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