Sure Win: Enjoy a Day at the Races

All players are always looking for new opportunities to make some money. Some might explore new avenues while others might look for new games that have better win ratios. Microgaming develops a lot of games but one that is catching the attention of a lot of players is Sure Win. This slot game is both fun and challenging for those looking to make some money while enjoying the thrill of a fast-paced slots game.

Sure Win Slots

Sure win is a video slots game that is developed by Microgaming and is inspired by players who bet on horseracing. Besides enjoying the thrill of placing different stakes, players also get to enjoy the thrill of the racing track. Once you decide to play this video slots game, you place a stake and raise the stakes, which makes the game a lot more exciting.

The Game’s Atmosphere

The game is set in a crowded stadium with a blue, cloudless sky forming the background. Once you start this game. you will notice that the slots take up most of the space on the screen. If you love clean playing areas, you will be glad to note that the buttons at the bottom of the screen are uncluttered, which makes for an easy and stress-free playing experience.

Even though the game has simple graphics, which helps enhance the players’ experiences, it is still visually stunning and is unique enough to stand out among the thousands of slots games that exits.

Playing the Game

Sure Win has five reels with three symbols on each of them. There are 15 paylines available in total. For a win, you have to match at least three symbols. For an even bigger win, try to land as many different combinations as you can in a single spin. If you want to adjust the amount you want to place, you can use the command bar located at the bottom of the playing area. You can also adjust the number of paylines but note that when you do, your stake will also change.

For players who want to win big quickly, they can use the max bet feature, which lets them place the maximum stake possible and the auto spin feature, which plays the game on autopilot.

The amount of the win will depend on the symbols that are revealed. Note that only one winning combination is paid out per card and that the paytables on the screen show the multiplier value for each combination that you win. The amount of the win is the result of the multiplication between the multiplier and your bet amount.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbols come with a 3x multiplier, which makes them very valuable for players looking for a huge win. If you want, you can play using free spins hoping that the multiplier will come up and make playing using your free spins worth it.


Sure Win is a very interesting video slots game for those looking for a different slots experience. Ensure that you try this game at least once, even if you play it using free spins.

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