Stellar Portals

Stellar Portals is a space-themed slot machine from iGaming developer Snowborn Games that is set to be released under the Microgaming brand on 3 September, 2020. In this review, we will explore some of this slot’s features, its winning combinations, and what you can expect should you choose to take it for a spin.

Main Features

Stellar Portals is a 5x3 slot machine with 20 paylines. The RTP on this machine falls slightly above the industry average, coming in at a respectable 96.04%, and a moderate hit frequency ensures that players will want to come back for more spins.

Game Design and Graphics

The space-theme is one of the more popular slot machine themes due to its broad appeal and the many and varied options that are open to game makers in terms of symbols and design elements. This deep space set slot machine makes use of iridescent color combinations for their symbols to draw in the eye and their backdrops are simple but interesting.

Representing the eight regular symbols of this slot machine are glowing orbs that resemble elements of differing colors. They are both dazzling to look at and make it easy to decipher if your spin was a win. Low-end symbols of the pay table are distinguishable by their simplicity, being just orbs of color in red, yellow, blue, and green. The high-end symbols, or premium symbols, follow the same color theme but are identifiable due to their almost blackhole-like appearance.

While the graphics are not groundbreaking by any stretch, the slot machine is pleasing to the eye and isn’t overly complicated. This means that you could spend many hours in front of your screen without huge amounts of visual noise that could make your eyes tired.

Winning Spins

Players require a minimum of three symbols per line to be successful with five-of-a-kind combinations offering the biggest rewards. Managing to combine some of the high-end symbols, or premium symbols, will grant the player the chance to win upwards of 6.25 times their bet for a five-of-a-kind match with matches of premium symbols being worth a substantial 75 times the original bet. Lower-end symbols are worth between 1.5 and 3.75 times their bet. Combined with a moderate hit frequency, these small payouts can keep most players afloat while they wait for a big win. Securing a jackpot win on this slot machine can earn the player up to 7777 times their bet, making this machine a hit for high rollers looking to score big on the maximum bet.

Bonus Features

Boasting two wild symbols, including a regular and a Sticky Wild variety, as well as a host of Free Spin modes which are unlockable by landing Scatter symbols on reels one, three and five, Stellar Portals includes a number of ways to boost a player’s earnings.

Landing scatter symbols on your reel will unlock one of four different Free Spin modes including: A Rising Multiplier bonus; a Stacked Wild Bonus; and a Sticky Wild bonus. Each of these modes grants players varying numbers of free spins with some also including multiplier bonuses to further increase your earnings.


While space-themed slot machines are fairly common, the simplistic yet sleek design of this slot machine as well as its numerous ways to win thanks to its many bonus features make it shine brightly amongst its competitors.

Slot machine enthusiasts can play Stellar Portals on most top-rated online casino sites and the title is available to play on mobile and desktop.

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