Spectre Estate Review

Haunted House is not an uncommon theme in the slot gaming genre by any means, but it still isn’t anywhere near as overdone as the classic Egyptian theme! Spectre Estate is the latest release from Microgaming and Just For The Win, which promises to provide hours of fun in a spooky package during Halloween. Does it live up to the expectations set, or does it fall flat? Let’s find out in our review of Spectre Estate.

The Basics

Spectre Estate is a 5x4 slot game set in a mysterious and spooky haunted house theme. The slot has a return to player rate of 96.12%, which is average, but not bad. It supports up to 40 paylines and each of your bets placed can be worth anything between 10 cents to $100.

The maximum possible payout caps at 2,219x, which isn’t the highest, even after considering the fact that Spectre Estate isn’t a progressive jackpot. There are also no megaways in the slot game either. Nevertheless, those daring enough to bet hefty amounts on their bets can potentially win a lot of money here, given that the max cap on each bet is pretty high at $100.

Theme, Sound and Graphics

Graphics, soundtrack and animations are all excellent, as we have come to expect from the likes of Microgaming. They fit in perfectly with the mysterious haunted house theme here. It should be noted that although Spectre Estate can be considered a horror slot, it isn’t really horrifying at all! There’s more mystery in the mansion than there is horror. A bit of humor could have made the experience a bit more enjoyable, but that’s not what you will find here. Nevertheless, the mysterious theme is atmospheric, and the neon lighting works well to both highlight and hide various sections of the screen. Sound supports the theme surprisingly well, and changes to heavy metal for some reason whenever you get free spins!

Gameplay and Bonuses

As one would expect, the classic card suits (diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts) are the low pay symbols. The special symbols, which are the gentleman ghost, the lady of the house ghost and the game’s own logo, act as the three high pay symbols. The Wild symbol just reads “WILD” in neon green. The ghostly lady is also the Feature symbol in Spectre Slot. Take note of the following to know how the game play works with these symbols, but there's more to explore by actually playing the game:

  1. The Features are essentially random bonuses that appear above the playing 5x4 reel, and there are 5 spots in total
  2. Feature symbols include Wild, +Wild, Wild x2, Wild x3, Free Spins, 1x and 2x
  3. In order to activate a displayed Feature, the Feature symbol, aka the ghost lady must appear twice or more on the reels
  4. 1x - the same payout is made twice
  5. 2x - The total bet amount is doubled during payout
  6. Wild: existing Wild symbols cover the whole reel and can replace any low pay symbols to make a winning combination
  7. Wild x2 and x3 - all Wild symbols on screen get a x2 or x3 multiplier
  8. +Wild - New Wild symbols appear on screen
  9. Free Spins - gives the player 8 free spins with chances of triggering additional respins in the ensuing bonus rounds

Should You Play It?

Spectre Slot is a fine addition to the haunted house genre, which is definitely worth playing, especially for the thematic setting, simple gameplay mechanics and its timing of release, which is Halloween! It also has a decent RTP, so there’s always the chance to win big. However, Spectre Estate is not a slot which is likely to make you a millionaire.

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