Sonic Links Slot Review

Are you growing tired of the online slots that have what feels like too much going on? Maybe it’s too many animations, graphics, sounds and features and you find it distracts from the gameplay. If so, you may want to take things back to the foundations that made slot machines what they are.

Sonic Links is a new online slot game that is ideal for players who don’t want all the noise and distraction and who appreciate a good solid offering. But don't mistake going back to the basics as dull or boring, as Sonic Links is packed with fun and excitement for players.

A Clean and Uncluttered Playing Experience

Before we even look at the features and statistics, let's point out the feature that sets Sonic Links apart from many others. As mentioned, this game goes back to the basics and foundations of slot machines with a clean and uncluttered game screen that is very easy for players to follow. There are still fun symbols, bright colors, and engaging sounds, but it's not too much. It feels more traditional and elegant if you will.

The tradition comes through thanks to the symbols that are used. You’ll see such familiar ones as jewels, the Bar symbol, lucky sevens, cherries, stars and more. This makes the game appealing to newbies and those who consider themselves pros and love that classic Las Vegas-style vibe.

Don't Let the Classic Look Fool You

For all its classic and traditional features, it's important to point out the statistics here that ensure your gameplay is thrilling. Sonic Links developer, Just For The Win, is known for a string of fabulous titles and they haven't missed the mark with this one. You are given five reels and three rows with 25 pay lines. For those used to the pay lines in the hundreds, this is much easier to follow. The RTP varies from 92.22% to 96.06% and the hit frequency is 29.45%. What may surprise you is that the volatility is rated at high, which is deceiving when you first launch the game.

The minimum bet is $0.20 with a maximum of $50, and then the maximum win is 5,000 times the stake. Once you do the math, you'll see that it can equate to rather impressive prizes.

Exploring the Special Features

Players have come to expect their online slot experience to be filled with special features. These can extend the game time and increase winnings and are often the driving force when players are choosing between games. Sonic Links provides a few special features that include a link and win, free spins, multipliers, and scatters.

It should be mentioned that in the link and win feature you can potentially win the cash value, big, major, or mega prize which ranges from 25x to 300x your bet. The ultimate prize is the Sonic prize, which awards players 5,000x the bet.

Sonic Links excels at being perfect as a quick and casual gaming session. There’s not too much you need to be aware of and any skill level can play.

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