6 Pure Pearls Review

Blue Ring Studios' recent addition to the virtual slot arena is 6 Pure Pearls. As a player, expect plenty of prize opportunities, bonus features, and fun graphics to keep you entertained as you place your bets. There is a lot to love here, so read more about it below.

The Star Features

Millions of slot-style games dominate the online casino world, so any new game must bring a unique brand to the table. Here are some of the star features you can expect from 6 Pure Pearls.

  1. It is possible to win up to $250,000.
  2. There are 25 paylines to play with.
  3. Expect free spins galore.
  4. A great chance of a decent prize amount thanks to the 96.20% RTP.
  5. Medium volatility means an overall fair game winnings-wise.
  6. Frequency of 28.28%, which is 1 in 3.54 spins.

The Stakes

Just like other games, there are both minimum and maximum amounts that you can bet ($0.10 and $10). The prizes are great, but it is helpful to know what you could win before you commit to playing.

Minimum Booster Prize

Starting with the smallest, the amount awarded is 30x the original bet. So, while there are smaller cash values to be found throughout the reels, this is the baseline bonus to watch out for.

Medium Prize

The medium prize is 100x your bet.

Biggest Prize

The biggest prize on offer is 1000x the bet, and you can trigger any of these wins on any given reel or round.

Key Highlight: Link and Win

Link and Win is worth noting. This feature allows players to maximize their potential winnings. It can be triggered by landing 6 pearl symbols on the paylines, and when it happens, the pearls stay put, and the player receives three free spins. These free spins can trigger attractive jackpots if you are lucky enough.

You can trigger this feature in two ways. Firstly, through the main gameplay and, secondly, through the free spins. The rules are simple:

  • If you see a Pearl symbol, that equals three more spins.
  • Three spins with no Pearl symbol end the bonus round, and you get all the prizes in your pot.

How to Win the Big Jackpot

The big jackpot mega prize of 1000x the max bet is always going to attract players. It can only be won through the Link and Win feature and when 15 pearl symbols appear on the screen. Remember, 6 Pure Pearls gives players a chance to win up to $250,000 across the jackpots, and while this may be rare, it is possible for any person playing a reel.

Free Spin Information

For five free spins, you need three temple symbols on the screen. When this happens, you will see the three middle reels transform into one giant visual delight, enlarging the symbols so they absolutely can’t be missed.

If a pearl appears on this giant reel, the Link and Win round is activated. If you manage to land three more temple symbols, you are rewarded with three bonus free spins.

6 Pure Pearls has more than enough to keep players engaged, and the main appeal will always be the grand prize jackpot. Regardless of how much time and money you put in, the fun factor is satisfactory in its own right.