Sisters of Oz Jackpot – Review

Are online slot machine games your source of entertainment and fun? Do you love the variety and immersive gameplay they offer? Are you constantly on the hunt for a new favorite? If you've answered yes to these questions, then you may want to check out the new Sisters of Oz Jackpot game from Triple Edge Studios. This is a standard 5x4 slot game, offering 20 paylines which gives players plenty of opportunities to win big.

What Makes the Game So Special?

With so many options in terms of online slot machines, it can be difficult to wade through them and find unique or special features. All too often they can start to feel like carbon copies of each other, which is what makes Sisters of Oz Jackpot stand out.

Besides the fact that you've got 20 paylines to work with, there are also features such as the Jumbo Block Symbols, Free Spins that will guarantee a Jumbo Block each time you spin, and other special symbols you'll find on the reels. Should you land on the jackpot, you'll be looking at a win that is up to 10,000 times. There is also a bonus wheel, free spins with synchronized reels, four level jackpots, and a static jackpot.

One particularly fun feature is the retrigger rule. This happens when two books landing on reels one and five result in adding three free spins. There are overlay coins on reels one and five and they make it possible for you to collect the pot "as per base game".

Keep in mind, because there are so many bonuses and special features this game can take some practice before you start to get the hang of it and recognize what each symbol means and results in. It won’t be long before you know exactly what you need to win big, though.

What About the User Experience?

User experience is often defined by the atmosphere and setting of the game, and with Sisters of Oz Jackpot this same rule applies. This one is meant to feel magical and a bit mysterious. The Sisters of Oz have headed out on a journey down, as you guessed it, the yellow brick road. Everything is meant to feel very intriguing, engaging, and spellbinding. There are plenty of bright colors, in addition to the use of gold throughout, which helps to make it more eye-catching and lively.

Not only that, even the setup of the game on the screen is user-friendly, allowing you to easily read the reel and your stats at all times. Sure, it has a lot going on, but the screen never feels busy or cluttered.

The graphics, animations, and voice-overs all impress, and all add to the atmosphere and feel of the game itself. Things move along fairly fast, so you also never feel bored or as though the game is losing momentum.

Sister of Oz Jackpot can be a great option to newbies just dipping their toes into the world of online slot machines, yet at the same time can keep experienced players busy for hours. In other words, it’s a solid all-around offering.

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