Silverback Multiplier Mountain Review

A late 2020 release from Just For The Win, Silverback Multiplier Mountain is an online casino slot that you can only play at Microgaming casinos right now. The game is set in a bushy forested area of Africa, where you come across a seemingly cheery silverback alpha male gorilla, right at the start screen. That’s not all though, because there are also cheetahs, gray parrots, monkeys and various other animals that you will find representing the signs and symbols in Silverback Mountain Multiplier. The forest you start on is not on Multiplier Mountain mind you, but you can see the place in the background.

The Basics

As always, let’s go through the basics of our slot in review first. Silverback Multiplier Mountain is a 6 x 4-reel slot game that allows 4,096 paylines. As you might have guessed already from the name, the slot is extremely volatile, and that’s a fact admitted by the developers themselves. It also has a surprisingly high RTP rate of 96.33%, which means that if players do manage to land a few wins in the Silverback Multiplier Mountain slot, they really do stand a very good chance of not just winning, but winning quite big!

Good signs as these are, there’s even more to consider. You can potentially win about a quarter of a million dollars in this game, although that will take some serious luck for sure! Nevertheless, what truly makes Silverback Multiplier Mountain special is the hit frequency. Unlike most other games that we review these days, this particular slot by Just For The Win enjoys a 24.92% hit frequency, which means that your odds of winning are always roughly 1 in 4, and those are as good odds as one can expect from any slot game.

Keeping with the fact that the maximum possible multiplier is 25,000x, while each of the individual bets go up from $0.20/bet to $10/bet, the winning potential in Silverback Multiplier Mountain is truly massive, just like the silverbacks!

Gameplay: Highs and Lows

Low symbols in Silverback Multiplier Mountain are the same as they are in most games of the type, which is to say that they are a suit of five cards, namely 10, J, Q, K and A.

High Symbols would be the cheetahs, monkeys, parrots and gorillas already mentioned. It is possible for players to land 6 symbols of the same animal on their reels and get a 3x – 7.5x multiplier in return. However, if we are talking about the gorilla symbol, you will start getting multipliers even if you just manage to land two of them on the reels.

Wilds cannot act as scatters in Silverback Multiplier Mountain, but the Golden Gorilla Coin can act as any other missing symbol that it needs to, so that the player can land a winning combination. The wild symbol also shares the same value as the standard gorilla symbol.

Should You Try It?

To be honest, Silverback Multiplier Mountain is not the most varied and graphically superior slot game out there, but it does offer better chances of winning big than most of the games in this genre. So, the bottom line is that if you like high chances of winning, there’s no reason why you should not be playing Silverback Multiplier Mountain right now!

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