Showdown Saloon Slot Review

Take a step back in time to the days of the Wild West where the stakes are high and adventure waits around every corner with the Showdown Saloon online slot game. This new slot game introduces a number of exciting new features as well as stunning graphics, a thrilling soundtrack, and an entertaining theme. To help you decide if Showdown Saloon is a slot game worth playing, we'll take a look at what you need to know about this upcoming online slot game.

Features of the Showdown Saloon Online Slot Game

Showdown Saloon is a fifteen line slot game that comes with a new mechanic called Mystery Stacks. With the Mystery Stacks feature, large stacks of symbols of symbols on every reel are randomly replaced with the same symbol on every spin. This makes for a fast-paced, volatile game that gives you plenty of chances to win big.

Showdown Saloon also features re-spins, free spins, Wild symbols, cutting-edge graphics and security, and an exciting Wild West soundtrack

Showdown Saloon Gameplay

Every reel on the Showdown Saloon has a stack of Mystery Symbols. When you spin the reel, a single game symbol will replace the stack of Mystery Symbols on each reel. The same symbol will replace the two leftmost Mystery Stacks on a regular spin, and the remaining Mystery Stacks are replaced by random symbols. Free Spin Symbols can also replace mystery stacks, giving you the chance to rack up lots of Free Spin Symbols on the reel.

If you collect a full stack of Free Spin Symbols, you'll trigger the Free Spins feature. Depending on how many stacks of Free Spin Symbols you collect, you'll be awarded between five to fifteen free spins as one to three times your total bet.

If you match a full stack of symbols, you'll trigger the Re-Spin Feature. On the Re-Spin Feature, matching stacks of symbols are locked in place, and non-matching stacks are spun again, giving you the chance to collect even more matching stacks. You'll be awarded line wins for your initial matching stacks as well as line wins for the matching stacks that you collect after your re-spin.

All told, the Showdown Saloon online slot game makes for very fast and exciting gameplay where the chance to win big is always present thanks to the volatility that the Mystery Stack feature introduces.

When to Expect the Showdown Saloon Online Slot Game

Showdown Saloon will be available to play on December 4, 2018. Given all of the exciting new features that this game offers, we highly recommend that you check it out then!

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