Sherlock of London - Online Slot™ Review

Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ is a fairly new game based on the Rabcat software. As the name suggests, Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ is themed on the iconic story of detective Sherlock Holmes. Given the classy, sophisticated tone of the movies this slot game is based on, you can expect some impressive visuals and top-notch gaming experience.

With an excellent design, large potential winnings, and a variety of options to take full advantage of its 30 reels, Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ is a compelling slot game that’ll easily become one of your favorites. Let’s take a deeper look into what you can expect when playing this game.

Features of Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ Game

While Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ is a German game, you don’t need to know the language to enjoy the full experience. All you need to know is that Punkte means points, and there are plenty of points to be won here. This slot can be played both for free and with real money, allowing you to give it a go before winning a real stack of cash.

Speaking of points, Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ features 25 paylines. You can set your receiving amount for each payline between values of 0.1 and 1, resulting in a total of 0.25 and 25 respectively. As you play, the jackpot increases, which when coupled with the high payout for win lines, can result in some serious winnings.

If you happen to get five wild symbols on the screen at once, you can win up to 1,000 points. The free game symbols are a particularly impressive feature. If you land three of them, you’ll get 12 free games. Landing four gives you a whopping 25 free games. But if that isn’t enough, five free game symbols will land you an unbeatable 50 free plays.

Keep in mind that wild symbols are automatically substituted for any other symbol in the slot, which greatly improves your chances of winning on Sherlock of London – Online Slot™.

Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ Gameplay

Perhaps one of the best parts of Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ is its visual presentation. The wild symbols are what you want to look out for, and they’re an image of Sherlock Holmes with his trusty magnifying glass. The free game symbols feature images of two detectives, while other symbols include cleverly designed images of suspects.

The intricately designed background features the streets of London, with Baker Street being a fitting inclusion. You can also spot Big Ben in the distance, giving Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ a truly British look and feel. Overall, you can expect a fully-fledged slot gaming experience here, with great visual design, plenty of variety, and an intuitive user interface.

When to Expect in Sherlock of London – Online Slot™

Sherlock of London – Online Slot™ is currently available to players around the world. You can enjoy the game as much as you like using free spins before putting some cash down to try your luck and win big. It’s worth noting that this game can also be played on mobile, allowing you to relive one of our most interesting childhood memories on the go.

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