Serengeti Gold Review

How would you like to combine two exciting activities into one - an engaging and fun online slot machine with an immersive experience in Africa's wildness? That's exactly what the Serengeti Gold slots are striving to achieve. In this brand-new release from Just For The Win, you'll be playing in a Tanzanian National Park so that you get a beautiful looking and fun experience. But there’s a lot more than just an exciting theme here; Serengeti Gold offers all kinds of notable features.

What About the Special Bonus Features?

If you have any experience playing these online slot machines, there is no doubt that the first thing on your mind is the gaming stats and basics. Serengeti Gold features the classic five reels and three rows, giving you 25 paylines in total. The volatility is high in this game with an RTP of 96.10% and a hit frequency of just 27.33%. What this means is that you're going to have a very competitive gaming experience, which is seen as a good thing for many players.

There is a minimum bet set at $0.20 and a maximum of $100, which means you've got a whole lot of wiggle room in between. This makes it perfect for those who see themselves as cautious players and those who like to really go for it and place large bets. The maximum win in this game is 2,500 times the original stake.

What About the Special Bonus Features?

Another item that players are always curious about when it comes to checking out a new game is what sort of slot features are offered. These are the special features that allow the game to really stand out from the competition, making the gameplay more engaging, and hopefully help you to win big. Just as you may be hoping, Serengeti Gold does manage to offer up some special features that make the game more noteworthy.

The first bonus feature is the free spin feature, wherein you'll be rewarded with free spins if the scatter symbol lands on specific reels - which are 1, 3, or 5. Instantly, the wheel will spin one time and it will then tell you have many free spins you'll be rewarded. That number ranges from 10 to 25 and free spins have an impressive multiplier that ranges from 2 to 5. In other words, the free spin feature can end up being pretty lucrative.

The other bonus feature is the hyperhold respin. This feature has its own symbols on the reels. They appear as golden discs on the reels and on that disc is a value. So, in order to trigger this feature, you need to have six appear within a single spin and they must appear within view. If you manage to do this, you'll get three hyperhold respins.

A Word on Theming

No review would be complete without a special word on theming. Where Serengeti Gold really manages to shine is by creating an engaging playing environment that feels immersive, unique, and most definitely like the African landscape it has set out to achieve.

So, if you’re after a new and exciting online slot machine, Serengeti Gold could be just what you’re after.

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