Scarab Auto Roulette

Since the advent of online gaming, and in particular, slots play, the golden pyramids and flowing sands of Ancient Egypt have been a well, loved theme for gamblers and players all over the world. This highly successful trend continues with Scarab Auto Roulette, Switch Studio’s latest take on the firm casino favorite, the classic Roulette. As you play, Switch Studio’s cutting-edge use of technology provides you with an almost cinematic experience that sweeps you away to the land of the Pharaohs, landing you deep in the Temple of the Scarab. Mysterious hieroglyphs and murals fill a gilded chamber and before you stands a golden wheel, in traditional single zero fashion, with the magnificent blue Scarab hanging beyond. You’re ready to immerse yourself in the game.

New Times and Old

With Scarab Auto Roulette, you have an exotic spin on a classic game. Roulette originates in France and has played the same way for 400 years, literally translating as “Little Wheel”. The only changes that might occur are how different establishments present the High and Low element of the game, so some casinos may have wheels with a double or even triple zero, changing the overall amount of numbers to bring different balances to the odds and outcomes.

Here, Switch Studio sticks with the single zero format so in spite of feeling lost in the luxury of an ancient civilization you have modern and up to date features such as racetrack bets, special bets and auto-play to assist you in your challenge to rival the fortunes of old. The gorgeous design of Scarab Auto Roulette may have been taken back in time, however the mesmerizing game play is nothing but securely rooted in the 21st century!

Last of the Big Spenders

Whatever your gambling budget, you’ll find the RTP of 97.6% extends you the opportunity to settle in and lose yourself amongst the ornate columns of the beautiful Scarab Temple. Prices for stakes start as low as $0.25 and if you’re feeling like Lady Luck is on your side you can place a bet of up to $125, choosing your brightly colored chip’s position on the gridded table as is the tradition. Red or Black, Odd or Even and High or Low, it’s up to you as you get ready to spin the wheel. However you bet, with a max win of x65,450, you are guaranteed an exciting time ahead whether you’re going for the Straight, the Split or the Street!

Spin the Wheel

If you’ve always enjoyed the thrill of the casino but like to game in relative comfort, Scarab Auto Roulette could be the online gaming experience for you, especially if you like the Ancient Egyptian theme as most other players across the globe seem to do! From the gloriously familiar whirring sound of the spinning wheel to the exceptional hieroglyphic graphics that allow you to escape one world for more prosperous realms, Switch Studio has really delivered a modern classic with Scarab Auto Roulette.

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