Rugby Penny Roller Slot Review

Rugby Penny Roller is the latest sports-themed slot game from Games Global. As you will find out in this review, it’s perfect for beginners and experts alike. First of all, we’ll get started with the stats:

  • Slot type: 3x1 Rugby-themed online video slot
  • Paylines/Ways: 1 fixed payline
  • RTP: 95.94%
  • Bonus features: Free Games, Quick Spin, Autoplay, Bonus Symbols
  • Volatility/Variance: Medium
  • Minimum bet size: $0.30
  • Maximum bet size: $30
  • Maximum multiplier: 3,333x
  • Smartphone & tablet support: Full

Bonus Symbols

Games Global has kept things very simple in design and game mechanics here, which should appeal to slot gamers who plan long-play sessions with a probability strategy. The fact that all symbols in Rugby Penny Roller are essentially Bonus symbols makes strategizing for a win more interesting. Just look at the pay table below to know what you should expect. Slot type: 3x1 Rugby-themed online video slot

  • 1 x Rugby Trophy symbol = 30x multiplier bonus
  • 2 x Rugby Trophy symbols = 45x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Boot symbols = 60x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Stadium symbols = 75x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Tackle symbols = 90x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Run symbols = 120x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Throw symbols = 180x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Catch symbols = 360x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Try symbols = 900x multiplier bonus
  • 3 x Rugby Trophy symbols = 3,333x multiplier bonus

Note that it’s a common misconception that the highest possible multiplier available in Rugby Penny Roller Slot is 1,111x. This is not exactly true, as 3,333x is the officially confirmed max multiplier in Rugby Penny Roller slot by Global Games.

Free Games

Free Games are random in-game bonus offers. They are each unique with their unique reference numbers. They are free spins with bonus offers that only remain active for a limited period. You may accept or ignore your Free Game bonus offer, but they will expire if you don’t use them all before the timer runs out

Fixed Payline

Carrying onwards in the same theme of simplicity, Rugby Penny Roller has just one fixed payline. Players can never really bet on the wrong payline. Having just one fixed payline in the slot makes Rugby Penny Roller a highly accessible slot for beginners. It improves your chances of winning, albeit at the cost of winning bigger with larger stakes.

Autoplay, Autostop, and Quick Spin

Since players will only be jumping onto a different bonus screen sometimes, the autoplay and autostop buttons are welcome additions to the game. They allow players to automate the gameplay for short periods. If you are in a hurry and you have a slot spin strategy in mind, use the Quick Spin feature to speed things up.

As previously explained, Rugby Penny Roller is a simple slot with simple game mechanics. It’s a game developed for new players to get accustomed to slot games. Still, it’s also ideal for veteran slot gamers who are more interested in putting their slot gaming strategies to the test rather than in graphics or more complex feature sets.