Rugby Fever Roulette

Fans of European roulette and sport will be satisfied by Real Dealer Studio’s latest entry: Rugby Fever Roulette. The game developers are renowned for their successful catalog of cinematic tabletop games, a fitting area to dive into considering the mass consumer demand for immersion. With live dealers and your man cave, let’s look at why Rugby Fever Roulette will make it onto your favorite games list.

Bet Price and Return Details

Gamers can play Rugby Fever Roulette with as little as $0.25 per bet and a maximum of $125. The return to player (RTP) is 97.3%, which is respectable for online casinos and slot games. When you combine this with a hit frequency of 48.65 and a medium variance, players can expect to take money away from this machine.

The Racetrack Bets

Alongside the traditional European roulette board, Rugby Fever Roulette welcomes the addition of a Racetrack board, which makes way for a series of “French bets” including Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins Du Zero, and Orphelins.

Special Bets and Autoplay

For players who would instead not put in the leg work of setting up a bet, there are around 39 presets to choose from. However, you can customize the bet and save it to your favorites to gain more control.

If you want to take sitting back to a whole other level, then you can activate the Autoplay feature from the user interface, which means you won’t have to touch anything for up to 100 rounds.

Game Mechanics

Unlike slot games, which have a slew of bonuses and features, Rugby Fever Roulette is simply an immersive game of roulette. The true beauty of this game, and something Real Dealer Studios has mastered over the years, is their innovative Cinematic RNG (Random Number Generator) technology, which allows them to put Hollywood-grade videos into the very fiber of the game.

This ground-breaking technology brings together a team of directors, actors, and production crew to create high-quality video footage. Then, the footage is expertly woven into the game, giving players a unique perspective by feeling like they’re being spoken to individually.

In a world where the demand for feeling immersed is growing, and the France 2023 Rugby World Cup has recently kicked off, Chief Product Officer Shane Cotter and the entire team at Real Dealer Studios have created something beautiful.

Theme and Design

Aside from the innovation packed into Rugby Fever Roulette, players can fully personalize their experience while maintaining high quality. There are five different countries to choose from, including Argentina, England, Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand, which changes up the theme of the man cave backdrop. As well as having the power to change the chosen country, you can have your game hosted by either the beautiful “Sarati” or the very suave “Dave”.

Real Deal Studios have scored big with Rugby Fever Roulette, so don’t let their hard work go to waste; dive into one of the best roulette games on the market.