Rome SuperMatch

There’s something cathartic about Ancient Rome, and Polish developers, Nailed It! Games, know it. Rome SuperMatch has everything you’d expect of Ancient Rome including temple pillars, noble white statues, and centurion guards. Step further into this historical world by reading this review.

Theme and Design

Set in front of a grand temple, there’s a guard set to the left protecting the reels. Behind him, there are two grand statues holding scrolls denoting the active symbol and whether the Second Change Bonus has been activated or not. Small details like this make an enormous difference when it comes to immersive gameplay, and it’s brilliantly executed in Rome SuperMatch.

General Information

This game will suit any slot fan, as the reels can be spun for anywhere between $0.20 and $100. There are 3 paylines and the RTP is 96%, which isn’t too bad when compared to other games across the industry. Achieving the maximum bonus of 5000x is somewhat tricky, as there’s a hit frequency of 22.31% and the game is highly volatile.

You can play this game on any device from desktops to smartphones, meaning you’ll never need to step out of Ancient Rome.

Matching Symbols

This game works on an interesting system, which involves matching tiles to symbols held by the statue at the side of the game. The more symbols you match, you more of the grid is unlocked and the higher the chance of winning.

Mega Respins

If you land matching symbols on the 8th row, you’ll activate Mega Respins, which will cause the matching symbol to become sticky. You will receive an additional spin if you haven’t used the Second Chance Bonus.

Second Chance Bonus

If the matching symbol lands on the 4th row, the Second Chance Bonus will begin. If you fail to win during this feature, you’ll be granted another spin for the 4th row, which may lead to another Second Chance Bonus.

Feature Buys

You can enhance your gaming experience by buying additional features, which include:

  • 20x - Make sure the Second Chance Bonus is always triggered.
  • 5x - Guaranteed to always match 3+ symbols on the first row.


After successfully matching 2 symbols on the first row, the second row will unlock. If this row holds a matching symbol, you’ll unlock another row. This pattern continues until all rows have been unlocked.

Spreading and Multiplier Wild

Spreading Wilds take over an entire row, which will be substituted for the matching symbol to guarantee a win. As well as this, there are multiplier Wilds that boost the multiplier by one, but these will never appear on row 1.

Rome SuperMatch demonstrates that Nailed It! Games can think outside the box, as they introduce a new grid mechanism to their lineup of fantastic games. If you appreciate historical slot games with attention to detail and even better bonuses, you’ll enjoy this entry.

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