Rocky’s Gold Ultraways Slot Review

How would you like to experience the thrills of the gold rush and mining? That's exactly what Rocky's Gold Slots attempt to do. This is a new release from Northern Lights Gaming that is promising to be buzzworthy, as it provides everything you expect in slots and then some. Add in some cute graphics, a fun theme, and fabulous sounds, and you've got a hit on your hands. So let’s review Rocky’s Gold Ultraways and get a taste of what it offers.

Providing Players with Plenty of Flexibility

The upcoming Rocky’s Gold Ultraways excels in offering players freedom. You can play this game on your desktop PC or on the go with your mobile device. It's ideal for casual gaming or longer spurts, whatever you're in the mood for. While some slots can be confusing and busy, Northern Lights keeps things relatively simple and classic here, so any level of player feels welcome.

If you've never checked out Northern Lights' Gaming earlier release - Rocky's Gold Slots - now is the time to do so, but it's not a necessity to play the new release. All it does is help you appreciate the character and the premise that much more.

Impressive Game Attributes Will Capture Your Attention

Taking a look at the game attributes or stats, these alone can capture your attention. The game has a high variance and a hit frequency of 31.2. Those two pieces of information alone let you know this one will be packed full of thrills. The RTP is 96.12% and the layout is a 5x3 grid. The minimum bet is $0.50 and the maximum is $20. What players will want to take notice of is the maximum win, which is 11,500 times the stake.

Notable Bonus Features to Better Your Odds

Bonus features play a big role in how big your winnings will be and for that reason, players tend to look for games with a healthy mix of options. The wilds will and RTP range both act in the favor of players, as each one extends and/or increases your gameplay and winnings.

All of this is delivered in a polished package that feels modern, sleek, and user-friendly. This is something that Northern Lights tends to do well, as its player experiences tend to be a top priority.

Take a look at some of the other titles from the developer such as Rock the Cash Bar, 5 Star Knockout, God of Fire, Golden Stallion, Magical Reels, and Aztec Falls and you'll get a sense of how Northern Lights Gaming operates. It’s always pushing the envelope, creating a more immersive and fun experience, and has a constant flow of new releases being launched. They seemed to have figured out the secret to success and are capitalizing on it.

Get Ready for the Hottest Launch

If you’re tired of playing the same slots over and over you won’t want to miss Rocky’s Gold Ultraways , as this one has plenty going for it and is poised to become a huge hit.

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