Rising Royals

In Rising Royals, you'll get a chance to step into the shoes of royalty while you push your luck and try to walk away a winner. This all-new, online slot game will be featured on Yukon Gold as of November 14th, giving players a chance to experience the latest and greatest in gameplay and graphics. You'll be part of the royal family of Versailles in this immersive slot game, and your goal is to rule the kingdom – all while cashing in of course.

Key Details

As soon as you start the Rising Royals game, you will be hit first by the attention to detail and consistency where theming is concerned. The developers have gone all-in on this offering, making sure the stage is set. You'll be meeting with the Queen, the King, and the Prince in the lovely Palace of Versailles and waiting in anticipation of a royal ball that is about to take place. The ball provides the goal of finding the perfect lady to marry the prince.

Just as you might expect from a palace scene, there are plenty of bright jewel tone colors, over-the-top characters, and plenty of luxurious features. It all sets the scene perfectly, allowing you to feel immersed in the game. The creators even grasped the opportunity to carry the theme into the slot reel itself as it is made up of family portraits. The goal is to match up the portraits in order to win.


Just as players would hope, gameplay is smooth and user-friendly. You'll find that there are instant wins when you match up specific tiles, but take note that they don't pay out as big as some of the special features do. This is where the big wins reside. Once you do happen to land on high scoring tiles, this will unlock the Re-Spin feature, which is essentially an opportunity for bonus spins that can increase your winnings substantially.

And, just like with most slot machines, the more you're willing to bet, the higher the payouts will be. It's all about how lucky you are feeling. As far as the nitty-gritty gameplay details go, there are 20 lines on a 5x3 grid. Statistics show that you should be getting a win once in every five spins. It should also be noted that there are achievements to win, which just help to add to both the excitement and the addictively fun nature of this game.


While you'll probably want to check out the main screen for all the rules, some of the main ones include:

There is a maximum bet of 250, and there is a minimum bet of 0.1.

There is a maximum winnings of over 15,000 coins.

The Symbol Upgrade will unlock features based on how long you spend playing the game.

All in all, the Rising Royals online slot game is looking to be a highlight of the year with its fabulous graphics, immersive gameplay, and plenty of opportunities to unlock exciting features and win big.

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