Rhino Rilla Rex Slot Review

Are you growing tired of the same old slot machine themes? Have you seen enough Vegas-style slots to last you a lifetime? If you’re ready to try something new then Rhino Rilla Rex online slots could be exactly what you’re after. This is a brand new release from Crazy Tooth Studio that promises lots of action, excitement and fun - and not to worry you won't find any of the traditional symbols, animations and sounds here.

A Mash-Up of Unlikely Creatures

It’s time to let your imagination run wild because that is clearly what Crazy Tooth Studio did when designing the Rhino Rilla Rex slot machine. This one features a mashup of unlikely creatures – you’ve got a massive purple rhino, a huge blue gorilla, and you guessed it, a red t-Rex. Not exactly the creatures you picture hanging out together, but somehow it all comes together and works in this game.

Now if you manage to combine them - then you have the powerful Rhino Rilla Rex that offers up the all-important free spins boost. That can then trigger multipliers and plenty of cash prizes to be found on a special grid.

And what other features exist in the game? Well, you've got the Full Stack Bonus Symbol, Wild, Team-Up Bonus Spins, Team-Up feature, and Beast prizes. It’s all meant to feel high-energy and high-octane excitement. Because there are so many different features, it may take a while to familiarize yourself with it all, but that just speaks to how many chances you have to win big.

Statistics That Welcome All Levels of Players

Gaming statistics are approachable and fun, making sure that any skill level feels welcomed and challenged by the game. Rhino Rilla Rex features five reels and five rows offering up a whopping 3,125 pay lines. That's an awful lot, certainly well above the average. Its volatility has been rated as "high" and has an RTP of 96.20%. The minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum is $12.50. As for the maximum win, that is set at 17,200x the stake.

It's also worth noting that this game is extremely portable in that you can play it on your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet. Wherever you go, it can go with you for a quick burst of fun.

Does the Developer Nail the Theme?

The final question is just how well the theme is portrayed? The good news is that this one isn't just about grabbing your attention initially, it's clear the developer has put thought and creativity into the theme. It stays sleek, consistent and engaging throughout. There are plenty of extra touches and details that help to give the game an edge, from the use of color, to symbols and even sounds.

Are You Ready for Something Unique?

If you’re under the impression that you’ve seen it all when it comes to online slots then clearly you haven’t checked out Rhino Rilla Rex yet. This one brings something new and exciting to the table that shouldn’t be missed.

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