Retro Galaxy Review

Looking to check out a brand-new online slot game that is engaging, entertaining, and could provide you with that jackpot opportunity? This upcoming release could be the answer. Retro Galaxy, set to launch the first week of August, is a brand-new offering from Microgaming partner Half Pixel Studios and will take you back to the whole 1980s vibe thanks to the look, feel, sounds, and atmosphere in the game. But is it worth the buzz? Let's take a closer look.

What to Expect from the Gameplay

Buzz is all fine and great when it comes to new games, but if it can’t live up to its newfound reputation, then it will fall off the radar real fast. So, where does Retro Galaxy stand - does this online slot game have what it takes to earn the buzz? It seems like all signs point to yes, as players are treated to a fabulous retro vibe, smooth gameplay, and some really fun and unique features that make this feel like an original offering.

The moment you launch the slot game, you're greeted with bright neon retro-style lights. You are instantly transported to the 1980s and you get that sense of fun immediately. Now, what makes this game really unique though is for all its retro vibes, it spins in some really fabulous and high-tech elements. Rather than the old and new fighting each other, they in fact complement each other and improve the gameplay.

When it comes to the basics of the game, this one features a 5x3 pattern game board that gives players 243 ways they can win it big. You need to match at least three symbols in a row spanning from the first reel and then you land a combo. A combo will set off a whole chain reaction including the Multiplier Trail and Rolling Reels.

Taking a Close Look at the Stats

For the hardcore online slot machine gamers out there, it’s all about the stats. Retro Galaxy offers a 96.05% RTP rate, a hit rate of better than 1 in three, and is playable from $0.20 per spin. Keep in mind that the game is considered highly volatile, which means it's probably not the best option for casual gamers looking for a quick little game and hoping to win fast.

Other features include the free spins, the scatter symbol, the fact this is a progressive jackpot, and some impressive returns.

Don't Expect an In-Depth Story

One other thing to note, which can be good or bad depending on the player's preference, is that this isn't the kind of game that draws you in with a story. Sure, the graphics are sleek and fun, but there is nothing engaging in terms of a storyline. Retro Galaxy is all about the game and neon lights, and nothing else. What this means is that the moment you launch the game, you’re ready to start playing.

A Fun New Option for Online Slots

So, if you’re looking for something fresh and new in terms of online slots, be sure to watch for the launch of Retro Galaxy.

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