Reel Talent Slot Review

With the Reel Talent slot game, you'll have a chance to make it into the big leagues and become a superstar with every single spin! This exciting new slot game features a range of detailed, animal characters and a talent show theme, combining the competition and excitement of both a high-profile singing competition and a casino game into one.

From the game's stunning graphics to it's thrilling soundtrack to a wide range of new features that give you more opportunities than ever to win big, there's plenty to love about the Reel Talent online slot game. If you're looking for a new slot game to try your luck at, check out Reel Talent and see if you have what it takes to become a superstar.

Features of the Reel Talent Online Slot Game

Reel Talent is a 5 wheel, 20 line slot game that offers a number of new features that can change the nature of the game, making it more unique and thrilling while also giving players exciting new ways to win the jackpot.

The first of these features is Symbol Storage. Every time you land on a winning symbol, that symbol is placed into Symbol Storage and you are awarded a Re-Spin which allows you to spin the slot again for free. Once you've collected three winning symbols in Symbol Storage, though, is where the real fun begins.

More Ways to Win With Superspins

Upon collecting three winning symbols in Symbol Storage, you'll be awarded a Superspin. During the Superspin, only the winning symbols that you've collected in Symbol Storage will be present on the reel. There are three different Superspin levels, and which one you play will depend on the symbols that you have in Symbol Storage.

If you have three different types of Symbols, you'll play the Showtime Level, if you have two alike symbols you'll play the Big Stage level, and if all three of your symbols in Symbol Storage are alike, you'll play the Solo Performance level - a level where massive wins are guaranteed. With each of the three Superspin levels, though, you'll have much better odds of winning big than you do on a regular spin since only winning symbols will be present on the reel.

Reel Talent - A Thrilling New Game to Look Forward to

This exciting combination of Symbol Storage, Re-Spins, and Superspins makes Reel Talent unlike any other online slot game that you'll find, providing you with thrilling new ways to take home the jackpot. If you are looking for a fun online slot game with plenty of exciting new features to set the experience apart from other games you've played then Reel Talent - which will be released November 7th, 2018 - is certainly a game worth checking out.

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