Reel Gems Deluxe Review

Reel Gems Deluxe is a 5x3 slot game with some unique visuals and impressive gameplay elements to set it apart from most other slots in the genre. To players who are already well acquainted with another popular title, Goldaur Guardians, Reel Gems may feel familiar. This is because both games were developed by Alchemy Gaming, and they share the same core mechanics between them.

That is not necessarily a problem though, since the theme is completely different between the two games, so they sound and look entirely unlike each other. The main advantage with Reel Gems Deluxe is that the core game mechanics it borrows were already pretty good, and they provide players with a high chance of winning big.


The Reel Gems logo itself is the wild symbol here, and if you manage to drop 5 of them on a payline, you will be getting an instant 100x multiplier. In general, the logo acts just as wilds in slot games usually do, which means that it can stand in for any symbol (except a scatter of course) on the reel to help make a winning combination.


These are essentially respins with a different name, but if you are not familiar with respins either, let us explain. Hyperspins will allow a player to respin any reel they want, as many times they want. The cost of each respin will vary, depending on how much and what the player can win by getting the ideal winning combination.

Before and after each respin, the cost of the next one is adjusted again after calculating the reel’s present potential. It’s a feature that can be highly useful, provided that the reel already has almost all the necessary symbols on it to help the player land a mighty winning combination.

Free Spins and Scatters

Free spins are triggered by landing three, four or five scatter symbols.

  • 3 scatters = 5 free spins (10x multiplier)
  • 4 scatters = 7 free spins (40x multiplier)
  • 5 scatters = 10 free spins (200x multiplier)

Once the free spins are enabled, Reel Gems Deluxe enters the bonus mode.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds start with low value blue gems covering the first two frozen reels completely, but the other three are open to spins at that time. Details and premiums about every gem and the bonus wild are provided in a column to your left, known as the Symbol Trail. At this point, all symbols you will be getting during the bonus rounds will be huge, known as Mega Wilds and Mega Gems. If you get a giant Retrigger symbol that can be seen completely on the screen, your free spins will be reset to their original number and your gems will evolve to the next tier and color, denoting a greater value than the red gems. There is no limit on how many retriggers a player can get.

Should You Try It?

The graphics and animations are really good, and the gems look photorealistic, instead of looking like the cartoon style gems that we are all too used to seeing in gem themed slot games. More importantly, the decent RTP, the possibility of getting a 1,000x multiplier, and a high volatility rate can help you win some really big amounts, especially if you factor in the hyperspins. So, if you like high variance, gem themed slots, Reel Gems Deluxe comes highly recommended.

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