Real Spooky Roulette

Are you ready to get in the mood for the spooky season? With Halloween fast approaching, maybe you want to check out some games that will help bring the haunt to your day. The Real Spooky Roulette game could be the perfect option that you're after, as it features all the fun you expect from roulette with some spooky twists. This is a new release from Real Dealer Studios that should not be overlooked.

Bringing the Best of Roulette to Your Mobile Device

Don’t feel like hitting up the actual casino just to enjoy a little roulette action? No worries, as Real Spooky Roulette has you covered, delivering everything that makes the game such a huge hit with players. As the name implies, it's perfect for the Halloween season as the theme takes on a very Halloween premise.

If you're familiar with other offerings from Live Dealer Roulette you'll know that the developer tries to make the games as realistic as possible and they even have a moviesque vibe to them. This works extremely well with the Halloween theme as it helps to bring more mystery to the game. When you enter into the game, you'll be smack dab in the middle of a very creepy looking mansion that is dark and as the name implies - spooky. Dave will be your dealer and he keeps things moving along, adding his creepy vibes to this game.

Just What You'd Expect from a Game of Roulette

As for the actual gameplay, it's as you'd expect from roulette. Everything is meant to feel familiar and welcoming so that players feel at ease. There is a massive range for betting with the minimum set at $0.25 and the maximum of $1,000 - perfect for the high rollers in the crowd. This ensures no players are left out, regardless of how high stakes you’re willing to take things. As for the winnings, players can win up to 64,500 coins.

Taking a closer look at the key stats, the game has an RTP of 97.30% and a variance or volatility rating of low.

Give the Different Bets a Try

Real Spooky Roulette makes sure to keep things interesting by allowing players to place many different types of bets. These bets include favorite bets, special bets and racetrack bets. Be sure to make use of the full statistics that you're provided with, as they can give you helpful insight so you can play to your advantage. Within this feature is the ability to see what other players are doing and betting, keeping it engaging and exciting.

What’s the Final Verdict?

If it’s not yet obvious, the final verdict for the Real Spooky Roulette game is that this one deserves a play. Not only is it another great option in terms of the live dealer games, but the fact that it has a Halloween theme helps to make it feel all the more relevant and fun. It’s just smart marketing for developers to recognize that themed games will do well and will instantly stand out from the others, as Real Spooky Roulette does.

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