Real Sic Bo with Sarati Review

Real Dealer Studios is back with Sarati once again and this time they are delivering all the action you know and love but with some fun new twists. Real Sic Bo with Sarati is ideal for those who like the idea of a real dealer-style game but have been too intimidated to give it a try. With features like an autoplay mode and the fact that it has a very low volatility rating, there has never been a better time to dip your toes into the water. Here’s a look at all the best features of Real Sic Bo with Sarati.

Not Your Classic Table Card Game

The first thing to note is that this isn't a classic table card game. This one is very simple, which is why it's so appealing to players. It is described by Real Dealer Studios as a "cinematic dice experience" and is meant to feel like a high-end casino where you're enjoying a game of dice at a private table. As you’d expect, Sarati is there to make it feel more authentic, calling out the rounds and announcing the results.

The experience is so sleek, modern, and realistic that you'll forget you're playing on your computer at home and not in the actual casino.

It Still Contains Traditional Features

While Real Sic Bo with Sarati isn’t a classic card table game, there are plenty of traditional and familiar features here that will make it fun even for more experienced players. One look at the betting board and you'll see it's got the typical layout with 50 traditional bet options that you can choose from. The layout has been designed to be simple and user-friendly, so players never have a hard time finding the bet they want to place.

And as mentioned, if you're new to the dice game, you may wish to use the autoplay mode. Simply go into the betting interface and you'll find it there. You can set it so that it auto-bets a specific re-bet. This can be done for up to 100 rounds. That means you just get to sit back and enjoy the game and how it plays out.

Peeling Back the Curtain on the Statistics

Curious about the statistics and what your odds of winning are? We've got you covered with all the important details. As discussed, the volatility is very low, the minimum bet is $0.25, and the maximum table bet is $5,000. Players can win up to $4,265. The RTP is an acceptable 97.22%.

Because Sarati will call out each round's results, it often feels like she's talking directly to you, helping to create that realistic vibe. The sound and visual quality is excellent and resembles a Hollywood-studio level production, not a basic casino game.

If you’re the type that is always looking for the next best online casino game, the one that feels authentic and makes you forget you’re in an online environment, then Real Sic Bo with Sarati is the way to go. You’re bound to get wrapped up in the excitement this one creates.

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