Real Baccarat with Sarati

Here's an exciting addition to the online casino genre and that is a start to a whole new series called The Real Baccarat series, which is another category in Real Dealer Studio's ‘Real’ line-up. The new release – Real Baccarat with Sarati – provides you with a chance to play the classic casino game from the comfort of your own home, or on the go with your mobile device. What makes this one really pop is the modern touches that have been given to the game to make it feel more edgy and current, as well as more engaging.

A Realistic Feeling Platform You Can Enjoy at Home

While there are plenty of features and qualities about Real Baccarat with Sarati, it's the fact that it feels so realistic that really makes this game shine. It's meant to feel and look like an actual real casino so that you forget you're just playing from home.

It uses what's billed as a ‘cinematic formula’, which was also the case in the developer’s Real Roulette games. Sarati is the star of the game and actually hosts and interacts using a one-on-one formula. The end result feels personal and immersive - almost like you're sitting at a private table. While these interactions aren’t live and in real-time, they certainly give off that vibe.

How is the Gameplay?

Real Bacarat with Sarati makes use of video streaming that is smooth and flawless. The video and sound quality are top notch, and you will feel more like you're watching a film rather than playing a game online. You also don't have to be using a high-end expensive device in order to get this kind of top cinematic quality, making it accessible to all.

Zooming In On the Gaming Features

As we take a closer look at the actual gaming features, a number of things pop out such as the jackpot symbol, the ability to form combinations with dinosaur wilds, and even the torch symbol with its own hidden surprises.

You'll find all kinds of cool features are activated as you land on various combinations, all of which help to keep the gameplay engaging and fresh. Just as you may think you’ve seen it all, and that there is nothing left to surprise you – BOOM you’ll be treated to another exciting combination and unlock more surprises.

Standout Features Players Will Love

As great as the graphics and theming are, let's get real - it's all about the gameplay and features. Players want to know they can win big, and this is the game that can make this happen. The fact that the dealer speaks in English but is UI translated into 32 different languages means just about anyone can enjoy it.

Getting down to the basics, this game has an RTP of 98.9% and a variance rating of low. The minimum bet is $, €, £5 and the maximum bet is $, €, £500, so you’ve got a lot of wiggle room here at Real Baccarat with Sarati.

The setting is a luxurious and private casino that instantly has you feeling like a high-roller. The whole thing is meant to feel authentic, and it really manages to do just that. Whether you plan to play one quick round or stick around for a few, this one will draw you in.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game of baccarat and have always been curious about the classic table game, or if you consider yourself somewhat of a pro, this online offering is sure to keep you entertained. Overall, it gets our vote. Why not give it a go?

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