Rainbrew Slot Review

The Adventure of Your Life is About to Begin

Regardless of exactly what it is that you expect out of a slot game, it becomes clear after just a few moments that Rainbrew has something to offer just about everyone. At its core, Rainbrew is a 3,5,5,5,3 game with 243 to 1125 ways that takes you on a fun, exciting and colorful ride through the leprechaun's brewery. Diving beneath the surface, however, it becomes almost immediately apparent that Rainbrew offers a wide range of exciting features that are absolutely worth exploring.

The Rules

Rainbrew features five distinct reels, three rows, one additional horizontal reel on top and one on the bottom with three symbol positions each - creating the aforementioned 3,5,5,5,3 reel area configuration. Winning is as easy as it is fun - wins are calculated simply by multiplying the symbol win multiplier from the pay table by both the ways on screen and the total bet value.

While it's true that only the highest win per way is paid, what really helps keep things interesting is the fact that simultaneous wins are also added. Ways will pay if three or more of the same symbol appear in succession in any of the positions currently on the reels.

But the most exciting quality of all is the three different wild symbols in the game: Regular, Top and Bottom. Regular wild symbols will only appear on the horizontal reels, while Top wild symbols will only appear on either reel 2 or on the bottom horizontal reel. Bottom symbols only appear on reel 4 and on the top horizontal reel, creating a fast-paced game that will absolutely have most players coming back for more

Free Spins Galore

But the true mark of a successful video slot game is usually the free spins - something that Rainbrew has in spades. During the base game, free spins appear on reels 2, 4 and on the horizontal reels. When a free spin symbol stops in any of these locations, both of the horizontal reels will be activated and spin. During the base game, three free spin symbols will award six free spins and four free spin symbols will award ten!

For most players, one of the most exciting elements will undoubtedly be the Sidewinder feature - something that offers more ways to win than ever before. This is triggered by a top or bottom wild appearing on reel 2, on reel 4 or on both at the same time.

With colorful graphics, fun gameplay mechanics, a plethora of free spin opportunities and large payouts, it's easy to see why Rainbrew is already such a popular game with so many online gaming aficionados around the globe.

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