Rainbow Burst

With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines, Rainbow Burst is a colorful, fun addition to the slot game universe. There is much to love with this new rendition of a popular game theme and multiple opportunities for players to win on their bets. This review covers everything you need to know about Rainbow Burst so you can make an informed choice about whether you will try it out.

Volatility and RTP

This game has a medium volatility level and a relatively decent high RTP of 96.15%. There are also three other RTP configurations depending on what you pick in the settings, ranking at 94.15%, 92.15%, and 86.90%. This means there are plenty of opportunities to win during gameplay, and you are more in control than with other slots. The bonus features and rate of play ultimately enhances this.


The symbols are meant to be light-hearted in this game, and they deliver on this metric. You will see a three-leafed clover, horseshoe, harp, beer mug, and various card suits, like 10, A, J, and K. These are all presented on the five reels and three-row spread. The most significant paying symbols are the clover, horseshoe, and golden ‘W’, also known as the Wild symbol. If you land five in a row on a reel, you can expect up to 8x your original bet to be returned to your pocket.

Key Win Points

There are a few combinations that make the prize bigger and increase your chances of winning overall. Look out for any of the following.


If you are lucky enough to land a rainbow symbol, it will appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. These vary in what they do, but the boosted prize potential ranges from 1x to 1000x the original bet.

Respin Rainbow

There is also room for the Rainbow Respin symbol, which is only triggered if a Rainbow stack covers the entire reel it shows up on. This grants a player the respin opportunity, which in turn gives them a better chance at finding a better prize or winning one to end the game.

Collect Symbol

If you see the collect symbol and it is triggered during the game, any bonuses on the board are collected into the leprechaun pot to be picked up if you are lucky enough later.

Rainbow Burst

The biggest thing to aim for is triggering the Rainbow Burst. This is naturally the best prize, as the title suggests. It transforms the screen into a mini, midi, or maxi price extravaganza where players can boost their cash pot.

The Theme

Rainbow Burst features the ever-popular Irish leprechaun paired with a bright rainbow visual to draw players in. This theme is nothing new but is represented well here with vibrant displays and entertaining graphics to boost the environment.

Ultimately, it is a fun game with standard features to offer players bigger chances to win. The symbols are bright and engaging, and many opportunities exist to create a reasonably sized cash pot at the end of gameplay.