Rabbit in the Hat 2

How would you like to perform a little magic that could result in big winnings? Look no further than Sling Shot Studios’ latest online slot – Rabbit in the Hat 2. This game uses the engaging theme of magic to tell a story through its slots. As a player, your goal is simple: win as big as possible, which can be achieved through the special features and the statistics that can rule in your favor. Here, we’ll look at everything that Rabbit in the Hat 2 offers players.

A High Volatility Offering That Will Keep You Engaged

High-volatility online slots are fun for many reasons, but the fact that they keep you engaged has to be high on the list. Rabbit in the Hat 2 is rated as high volatility, translating to adrenaline-pumping action that is hard to turn away. There’s the constant mantra of “just one more spin”, which will keep you glued to the screen and anxious to come back for more.

Important statistics to note in the game include an RTP of 96.08% and 20 fixed paylines. This may initially feel like a step-down for those who enjoy slots with hundreds of paylines, but you’ll quickly find no sacrifices in action or winnings. Many players prefer games like this that have a smaller number of paylines. It keeps the game sleek and user-friendly.

A minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $40 allows players to win up to $200,000. That’s the kind of payout that players can stand behind and get excited about.

Take a Look at What the Special Features Can Do for Your Game

If the game doesn’t offer enough action, you’ll love what the special features offer. The hat feature is the big one here, which makes sense considering the theme. You can trigger one of five hat types displayed above reel five. The type you trigger will then determine the multiplier and collect winnings.

There are also free spins, which can be triggered when you land on three or more Scatters. The Upsizer is another feature you’ll want to watch out for, as it acts as an upgrade feature. This one can be triggered in the free spin mode. It’s one of the quickest ways to increase your winnings, so if you land on it, be prepared for some exciting results.

The Game Is Steeped in Magic

As for the magic theme, the developer hasn’t just added little touches throughout; instead, they have gone all-in and played it up. The symbols work perfectly with the game, the backing imagery gives you the idea that you’re watching or even taking part in a magic show, and the graphics, while not cutting-edge, don’t disappoint.

Give It a Try and See for Yourself

The best way to experience Rabbit in the Hat 2 is to give it a try and gauge just how immersive it is. If anything, this is a cute game that can offer impressive payouts if you’re lucky.