Premier Blackjack with Side Bets

Now that we can enjoy the classic casino feel of playing at a Blackjack table from the comfort of home, we are no longer confined to the standard version of the game. The developers at Microgaming know this, which is why they’ve released the Premier Blackjack Series with four different versions.

This sleek and streamlined experience comes in the form of both Multi Hand and Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack, as well as High Streak and Hi Lo Blackjack. As a result, betting options are uniquely varied, lending to various winning strategies. In this review, we take a look at the features of Premier Blackjack with Side Bets and how the game is played. Let’s begin.

Dynamics and Rules

The game in question follows the normal rules of European blackjack, meaning that cards are dealt from two packs and the dealer must stand on all of them. Blackjack automatically stands and is the strongest hand, with a 3:2 payout. For the Multi Hand games, you can bet on up to five hands at once while the High Streak version has up to five side bets.

Premier Blackjack has an excellent 99.59% RTP (return to player) rating with a relatively flexible stake. Players are free to split on hands that contain two of the same denomination. However, re-splitting is not possible. While the opportunity to double down is available after receiving your first few cards, you will only get up to one more card after doing so.


In each of the four variants, gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward. You start by selecting your chip size before allocating it to the betting section. The minimum bet is set at 5 credits, rising up to a maximum of 200 credits.

Everything is clearly marked, including placement areas and hit, stand and split options. This makes it easy to choose the best move even when things get heated. Microgaming has once again placed a welcome emphasis on customization, so you can choose different card styles, adjust the game speed and several other settings.

Special Features

There are numerous features that make Premier Blackjack with Side Bets unique. For instance, you can place a stake on the bonus bet and receive a payout when achieving a specific combination for the first two cards. With the Hi Lo version, you have the added ability to take a side bet on your first two cards, choosing between high, low and thirteen.

In the High Streak game, stringing together additional wins in succession increases your payout up to five times. Each version can be played in either Regular or Expert mode, with the latter offering autoplay and a customizable strategy chart for staying on top of your moves.

Keep in mind that Premier Blackjack with Side Bets can be played in both a demo mode and with real money. This allows you to safely practice and get used to the dynamics of the game before putting down any cash. Given the high RTP rate and abundance of custom options, it’s fair to say that this one is worth a wager.

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