Playboy Gold Slot Review

With a timeless name like "Playboy Gold," it BETTER be good. And trust - you get exactly what you bargained for when you indulge in this fabulous multiple reel experience. With non-stop action, sultry sounds, rich animations, and plenty of real world Playmates to ogle, Playboy Gold ™ is in a class of its own

Let's take you into the real meaning of the game slogan "spin, win and celebrate."

How to Play

Playboy Gold ™ is simple to get into. Simple is great when the game is deep! Your enchanting hosts Raquel and Audrey will teach you everything that you need to know about spinning the wheel, unlocking the exciting Wheel Bonus features, how to get Free Spins and enact Cash Multipliers to take your winnings to the next level.

No matter your gaming skill level, you have many chances and many ways to win. You can activate Jumbo Blocks, large symbols which expand multiple reels: Trigger Respins, which gives you the advantage of the numbers game; or go for the Match Bonus, which is an extra trigger from the Wheel Bonus that provides you with even more chances to win.

Game Features

Your first bonus feature, the Jumbo Block expansion, gives you the chance to spin multiple reels in unison. You can activate the Jumbo Block during base spins and during free spins. You can trigger one of three bonuses from Jumbo Blocks - free spins, an Instant Credit Prize or a Multiplier.

You have many Respin features that enhance the gameplay of Playboy Gold ™, adding to its depth even as it improves your chances of taking home a victory. The Jumbo Block that triggers your respin automatically converts from a 4x6 block into a 4x10 block that covers every single one of the centre reels. You also have sticky wilds on reels 1 and 6.

Your Wheel Bonus is triggered by three scattered Wheel symbols. You can increase your cash prize stakes by up to 100X using this feature - not a bad jaul while your eyes are occupied by beautiful ladies! If you land a pair of Playmates, you trigger the Match Bonus.

The Match Bonus gives you the opportunity to select cards until you get a matching pair. If you get the matching pair on the second selection, you win the sum of all six credits!

...Becoming a True Playboy

Come spin, win and celebrate with Playboy Gold ™ like you can with no other gaming experience. The feature set and the visuals are beyond anything you have ever seen. Combine this with the many chances you have to win, and you have a game that you will come back to time and again.

Explore the sultry side of gaming with Playboy Gold ™. Spin, win and celebrate!

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