Playboy Fortunes

Here is the latest slot with a Playboy twist, and it is a peach of a game that is ready and waiting for you to dive in and start spinning its reels.

Playboy is a brand that had long been associated with exclusivity, luxury and success, and if you land the big prizes in its reels, you could find yourself mingling with the jet-set as this is a game that offers big rewards to its winners.

With plenty of chances to win, and a range of bonuses and features to take advantage of, Playboy Fortunes is a slot machine that is definitely worth a closer look. Here is our review of what this game has to offer.

A Slot Machine with All the Right Things in All the Right Places

Playboy Fortunes is based on five reels that are filled with wild, scatter and bonus symbols that give you thousands of ways to win.

The bunnies are abundant in this game, and the symbols play as both matched and mixed; adding to the fun. The jackpot escalates in Playboy Fortune, and you can win up to 2000x your stake from spins if you work your way to the top.

Scatter symbols and wild symbols are also plentiful, unlocking generous amounts of free spins with retriggers to keep the bunny girls busy serving you up features and multipliers.

Be a Playboy in the Mansion, Frolic in the Grotto

This game really excels in setting a scene and developing its theme. The first thing you will probably notice is its soundtrack. This is much more than you would usually get from a slot machine, and does a great job of setting Playboy Fortunes apart from the competition. It doesn’t give you bells and whistles, but a thumping club track that makes you want to play to the beat. This is executive gaming, just like you're behind the velvet rope and in the VIP lounge.

The visuals are also stunning, and we are not just talking about the Playboy bunnies. This game takes on a look seldom seen in casino slot gaming. The visuals are crisp and clear, but don’t rely on flashes and bright colors to give the game depth. This slot is slightly more reserved and mature than that, and uses its brand to set a tone, not flashing neon and fruits.

Multicolored Playboy Bunny symbols are mixed and matched, and when you land a winning combination, the music and visuals subtly intensify as you progress and the jackpot escalates.

Plentiful Multipliers and Bonuses are Backed by a Strong RTP

This slot is stacked with scatter and wild symbols, and lots of multiplying features and bonuses that are a sign of its strong Return-to-Player percentage.

This game will provide plenty of opportunities for a player to build their jackpot, and have fun while they are doing it, to give you the chance of getting a return. The solid sound and visuals are not glossing over a sub-standard product; this is a slot machine that plays as good as it looks.

Playboy Fortunes has a lot to offer both seasoned players and newbies. The mechanics are easy to pick up, and the reels give you lots of ways to trigger features and bonuses. We will definitely be returning to this game, and trying to get our own Playboy fortune.

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