Perfect Strategy Blackjack Review

Calling all fans of blackjack, we’ve got the ideal mobile option for you that will allow you to enjoy all the thrills and fun at home. Perfect Strategy Blackjack from Switch Studios is a new offering filled with fun, engaging, and yet familiar features that will make it a welcoming addition to your online casino gaming library. What makes this one especially interesting is that there is a feature that will aid newbies, helping you to learn the game if you're not familiar with it or just want to brush up on your skills.

Slot Features

The first thing to point out with Perfect Strategy Blackjack is that this one has been created for all skill levels. With so many online casino games available, many of them take a certain level of skill and knowledge, which don't exactly make them approachable for new players. With this game, players can use the Strategy Prompt feature any time they feel the need.

The Strategy Prompt feature works by providing players with suggestions/ideas on what they should do in each situation they are presented with. The prompt doesn't take over the playing, you are still in control of the game, it is merely a suggestion so that you can make an informed decision. Think of it as a personal blackjack tutor who is walking you through the strategy process. Not only will it help you in each hand, but you’ll start to learn from it and improve your game over time. Eventually, the strategy prompt may no longer be necessary for you.

Checking Out the Statistics

If you base your gaming on the statistics, then there's no doubt to see where Perfect Strategy Blackjack stands. The RTP is an incredible 99.1% and the volatility is rated at very low. This goes back to the point that beginners feel welcome in this gaming environment. Think of it as dipping your toes into the world of blackjack.

As for the minimum bet, it is set at $1 and the maximum bet is $100. This gives players a chance to make modest bets or go ahead and let it ride and see how it feels to be a high roller. The maximum winnings are $2,400, which isn't too shabby at all.

Other Added Features

There is also another added feature worth pointing out. Again, this feature is an option, you can use it or not bother with it. The autoplay feature is ideal if you want to be able to play session after session of blackjack without having to stop and then re-start after each game finishes.

It's meant to offer convenience. If you’re just going to play a quick round or two, this feature probably isn’t needed but if you plan on kicking back, relaxing with the game, and spending a substantial amount of time playing – you can bet the autoplay feature will come in handy.

Go Ahead and Test Your Luck and Skills

If you’re ready to dive into the world of blackjack, regardless of any previous experience, Perfect Strategy Blackjack is a great option and well worth checking out.

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