Pachinko Review

Pachinko is one of Japan’s oldest recreational games, and one of the most popular ways for the Japanese to gamble. Now, Neko games have developed a thrilling adventure slot game based on this iconic cultural classic!

For years, players have been waiting for an original take on this classic Japanese casino game and now, thanks to the help of industry powerhouse Microgaming, Pachinko is at last coming to an online casino near you.

This Game has a Great Look and Feel

Pachinko is set in ancient Japan - a time of feuding lords and hidden riches. You begin your quest at the Gotokuji Temple which, as legend has it, is filled with treasures, riches, and gold.

The graphics and sounds of this game really help set the scene and put the player on an ancient Japanese quest for riches. As you would expect from a game developed by Microgaming, the graphics are of the highest quality and work with the sound and gameplay to create an atmosphere that draws the player in. After just a few minutes of gameplay, you will be completely engrossed in this game and its quest. Can you find the hidden riches of the Gotokuji Temple?

The Story is Fun and Adds to the Gameplay

The game is based on an old Japanese fable and influences some of the symbols and challenges that you will find in this excellent slot machine.

In centuries past, when Japan was suffering an economic misfortune, a Japanese lord was out hunting when he was caught in a thunderstorm. He found shelter under a large tree near the Gotokuji Temple and tried to wait for the storm to pass. While he waited, he saw a cat that was beckoning him to the temple roof. When he made his way toward the cat, lightning struck the tall tree he was sheltering beneath and the tree collapsed.

From that day forward, the old lord declared that beckoning cats were a sign of good fortune and began constructing temples and statues to honor the Maneki-Neko; the beckoning cat. That is what led to the beckoning cat becoming a symbol of good fortune throughout Asia, and you will see this symbol used a lot throughout the game.

How to Play and How to Win

This game is a mix between a slot and a pinball machine and uses features similar to bingo to increase your chances. You begin with 30 balls to play with, as you try to land them in the Pachinko cups that are dotted around the playing field or board. You can purchase more balls in groups of ten, and win free balls while you play. If you manage to fill the four high-scoring ‘bingo’ tickets with your first 30 balls, you win a 5000x jackpot prize!

This game gives you plenty of ways to win and has an array of bonus rounds and features to keep you engaged. It has an RTP of 95.82% with mid to high volatility, making it a great game to sit and play for a couple of hours.

Pachinko gives gamers something a little different to play at the casino. Its mix of pinball, video slots, and bingo gaming is a lot of fun and easy to pick up. Check it out next time you visit an online casino.

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