Outlaw Saloon Slot Review

We've come across something really exciting to look forward to in the world of online slots and that's the soon-to-be-released Outlaw Saloon from Gold Coin Studios. Gold Coin Studios is known for several hits such as Animals of Africa, Silver Seas, Cairo Link and Win, Mega Moolah Lucky Bells, and AbraCatDabra, so you can bet players are already hyped and expecting big things from Outlaw Saloon. But will it live up to the excitement? Let’s take a closer look at everything we know about the game.

Step into the Wild West

Just as you would expect from its name, Outlaw Saloon will take you back in time to the days of the Wild West. The theme is played up to its fullest and done so in a sleek and impressive manner. Symbols include the typical Sheriff in town, the card player, cowboys and cowgirls, the Sheriff's badge, gems, a deck of cards and just as you may expect - a sack of cash.

Gold Coin Studios plays up the theme by stretching the gaming grid across a good portion of the screen instead of the typical center third like so many other games offer. Your stats are neatly lined up on either side, but again, it’s the grid that has the most real estate.

The backing imagery is simple, but that helps keep the attention on the reels/rows instead. You’ll also want to pay close attention to the bar across the top of the screen which is where you collect badges for free spins.

What are Your Odds of Winning?

And how about the stats, what are your odds of winning in Outlaw Saloon? The game features a 5x3 grid with 20 pay lines. The RTP is range driven so it is 95.98%, 94.0%, or 92.03%. The hit frequency is 35.27% and has a volatility of high. The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum of $25. Now here's a really exciting stat, the maximum win is 10,000 times the stake - so you can do the math on that one.

Still Waiting on Details About the Bonus Features

As for the bonus features, the good news is that the game has many, but the bad news is that not much information has been released as of yet. What we can tell is that the typical features show up. Features include:

  • RTP Range
  • Scatter Symbols
  • Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Multiplier

All of these will extend gameplay and/or increase winnings. Knowing that there are so many bonus features is helping to build more buzz for the game. Just take a look at some of the other titles from the developer, as mentioned above, and you’ll get a better understanding of just how prominent the bonuses are in their games.

Plenty to Be Excited About

So, if you want to get hyped about an upcoming online slot release, look no further than Outlaw Saloon. While there is still much to learn about this game, what we have uncovered so far is all very positive and is setting the stage for a fabulous and engaging release.

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